Garden City is undefeated and sitting atop the Jayhawk Conference. A big reason for their success is the outstanding talent on the team. Here is a look many of the top players on the team, several of whom are on JC Top 101 list, compiled by


ILB Derrick Pope (JC Top 101)
(6-0, 227)
Galveston, Texas

Derrick Pope

Comments: Committed to Alabama where his uncle is a coach. But there is the potential of sanctions, so we'll see what happens. Very hard hitter with excellent speed and real nose for the ball. An opposing coach says, "Incredible." Will be a May grad.

DL Lance Carson #77 (JC Top 101)
(6-4, 265)
Ft. Worth, Texas

Lance Carson
Comments: Dominating lineman with lots of major D1s on his trail. One opposing coach says "he is a bitch!" Every team is looking at him including Nebraska. December grad.

OLB James Jackson (JC Top 101)
(6-2, 230)
Kansas City, KS
Comments: Quick as a cat. He's got a motor and comes off the end very fast and can play sideline to sideline. "He is phenominal. When this tape of him against BCCC gets out...." May be tough to graduate. He's so fluid, it's like trying to block running water in a shower. Agile. He's a freak of nature," said coach Bob Larson. Could be a December grad if he buckles down.

LT Clint Werth (JC Top 101)
(6-5, 296)
Hays, KS
Comments: Second-team All-Conference in 2000. Committed to Oklahoma after last season, enrolled there, went through spring drills. Decided to return to GCCC for his sophomore season. Now it is rumored that he is a lean to Colorado, a team that will lose several OLs to graduation. Had tripped to UW, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, and others were knocking last November. He recently tripped to Colorado and loved it. Academic AA.

RT Jon Hawk (JC Top 101)
(6-5, 310)
Aurora, CO
Comments: First-team All-Conference in 2000. An excellent athlete. Signed with Oklahoma after last season and enrolled during summer. Decided to return to GCCC for his second season for undisclosed reasons. Great grandson of Jim Thorpe. Will not return to Oklahoma. Eligible to transfer in spring.

RG Jon Zweygardt
(6-4, 304)
St. Francis, KS

Jon Zweygardt
Comments: four-time heavy weight wrestling champion. "I was the state runner up my senior year, 34-0 and lost in the final," said Zweygardt. Makes for great lineman. "Wrestling helps balance a lot. It really helps the balance and learning leverage. You get gripping strength too," he said. Rugged and thick. Like a bulldozer. Also has quick feet and gets to the linebacker quicly. BP is 375; squat 550. December grad (~3.3 gpa) who will have 3 to play 2. Getting calls now from Kansas State, Rutgers, and SW Missouri State.

OG Jordan Lang
(6-6, 300)
Kansas City, KS

Comments: Was going to be a tackle but Werth and Hawk came back. Probably better as a tackle. "Once he gets his hands on you, you're through," said Zweygardt.

LS Mike Wilson
(6-4, 256)
Salina, KS
Comments: We're hearing that Wilson is receiving lots of D1 looks for his outstanding snapping abilities. He is very good. "it's going to be strange here without him...always a machine," said coach Bob Larson. Both Kansas schools are recruiting him.

C Shawn Steiner
(6-0, 270)
Claflin, KS
Comments: Started as a freshman. Has lost one game in his football career. Undefeated football except Valley of the Sun game. A winner. A teammate says: "He's kind of like our coach. He knows everything that's going on."

PK Berin Lacevic

Berin Lacevic
(5-9, 175)
Salina, KS
Comments: Much improved over last year. More confident. Strong leg. Knows he can get the job done. Team voted him one of captains.

Gabe Nyenhuis
(6-5, 255)
Comments: Bounce-back from Northwestern. Committed to Colorado.

DT  Ahmad Childress
(6-7, 320)
Comments: He can flat fly. Few guys with his size can move like this. GED from Nashville, TN. "A great young man. A blessing. Devout Christian." Needs to raise GPA and get more credits, so may not be available until summer.

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