Hancock Sacks Pierce

Allan Hancock (5-2) got touchdown from 4 different players, and the defense registered a 47-yard sack that also resulted in a fumble recovery in a 34-0 win in over L.A. Pierce (1-6) in Woodland Hills October 25th. Michael Santos, Jerry Sloan and Walter Burnette each rushed for TDs and Brad Sorenson caught a 29-yd scoring pass, and Brian Schneider kicked a pair of field goals for the Bulldogs.

And Ryan Roberts' 47-yd sack, which caused a fumble that Michael Slaughter recovered, was one of 5 sacks on the night by the AHC defense.

After a fumble and a punt on their first two possessions of the night, the Bulldog offense scored on five consecutive possessions the rest of the first half to take control of the game. Chad Nicholson completed a 45-yd pass to Sorenson midway through the first quarter, and on the next play Sloan scored from 5 yds out to put Hancock on the board. Then on the first play of the second quarter, Santos scored on a 4-yd run to cap a 9-play, 57-yd drive. That gave the Bulldogs a 14-0 lead 4 seconds into the second quarter.

On the ensuing drive, Pierce drove to the Hancock 20-yard line, largely on the strength of Roger Daley's running. Daley gained 45 yds on 4 carries on the drive, but on 2nd and 2 at the 20 the Brahma QB Larry Dockery went back to pass. AHC's Roberts grabbed Dockery by the jersey and started to spin him around just as Dockery tried to get rid of the ball, and the result was Dockery throwing the ball backwards! The ball bounced down the field, all the way to the Brahma 33, before Slaughter recovered it for the Bulldogs, resulting in an amazing 47-yard sack! And Slaughter returned the ball 11 more yards to the 22. Though the AHC offense was unable to move the ball further, the Bulldogs got points out of the sequence when Schneider came on and booted a 44-yard field goal.

Following a Pierce punt, the 4th of the night, Hancock got the ball at its own 46. And it took just 6 plays for the Bulldogs to score again, this time on a 29-yd pass from Nicholson to Sorenson. Remarkably, that was the second and final pass completion (on a total of 4 attempts) for AHC on the night. But that score made it 24-0, and from then on AHC was content to keep the ball on the ground and keep the clock moving.

When Pierce got the ball after the ensuing kickoff, they got a first down on a pair of runs by Daley. But following a sack by AHC's Danny Brown, and despite a 15-yd completion to Brian Alberty, the Brahmas faced a 4th and 14. They lined up as if to punt, but instead tried a fake with up-man Tim Eglin running the ball. But Eglin was stopped after just 6 yds, turning the ball over to Hancock at the 30. Following an 8-yd run by Sloan to the Pierce 22, on came Schneider to try another field goal, which he made, to make it 27-0 at the half.

In the second half, the only scoring came on a 2-yd run by Walter Burnette with just under 3 minutes left in the game. Pierce drove to the Hancock 1-yard line in the game's final seconds, but Daley was stopped just short of the goal line on the game's final play to preserve the shutout for the Bulldogs.

Daley, however, had a big night with 219 yds rushing on 33 carries. In face, he accounted for more than 100% of Pierce's net offense; he had 227 yds from scrimmage (including 8 yds on 3 catches) while Pierce had only 220 net yds of offense on the evening. Dockery completed 11 of 19 passes for 77 yds and no interceptions, but had some ugly rushing numbers: 6 carries for a total of minus-83 yds! 47 of those yds came on the one play, and he was sacked 5 times in all. Alberty led all receivers with 4 catches, which accounted for 42 yds, and also had 3 kickoff returns (41 yds), 2 punt returns (18 yds) and a 3-yd run.

Hancock amassed 208 yds on the ground, and it was distributed between 7 running backs (and the 2 QBs). Santos led AHC with 62 yds on 11 carries, while Sloan and Paul Jordan each had 47 yds. Sorenson had both AHC pass receptions, good for 74 yds and a TD. Roberts and Brown each had 2 sacks to lead the defense.

1st Quarter:

AH – Sloan 5 yd run (Schneider kick) 7:10 -- 7-0

2nd Quarter:

AH – Santos 4 yd run (Schneider kick) 14:56 -- 14-0
AH – FG Schneider 44 yds 9:23 -- 17-0
AH – Sorenson 29 yd pass from Nicholson (Schneider kick) 2:33 -- 24-0
AH – FG Schneider 38 yds 0:02 -- 27-0

3rd Quarter:

No Scoring

4th Quarter:

AH – Burnette 2 yd run (Schneider kick) 2:58 -- 34-0

Team Statistics:


Allan Hancock

First Downs

15 (3 pass; 12 run)

15 (2 pass; 12 run; 1 pen)

Rushes - Yards



Passing Yards



Comp - Att - Int



Return Yards



Sacks - Yards



Fumbles - Lost



Penalties - Yards



Time of Possession



Individual Statistics:


P: 21-Daley 33-219, 20-Eglin 1-6, 6-Alberty 1-3, 26-Calhoun 1-(-2), 4-Dockery 6-(-83)
AH: 27-Santos 11-62, 33-Sloan 12-47, 17-Jordan 8-47, 32-Spafford 5-25, 34-Gomez 3-21, 42-Burnette 3-14, 16-Jones 3-3, 36-Gonzalez 1-1, 5-Nicholson 1-(-12)


P: 4-Dockery 11-19-0-77, 3-Gobroski 0-1-0-0
AH: 5-Nicholson 2-3-0-74, 1 TD; 16-Jones 0-1-0-0


P: 6-Alberty 4-42, 21-Daley 3-8, 10-Guevara 2-19, 26-Calhoun 1-5, 3-Gobroski 1-3
AH: 3-Sorenson 2-74


P: 16-Fullerton 6-38.0 avg
AH: 16-Jones 5-35.0 avg

Kick Ret:

P: 6-Alberty 3-41, 3-Gobroski 2-35, 21-Daley 1-16, 25-Barnes 1-8
AH: 8-Scipio 1-39

Punt Ret:

P: 6-Alberty 2-18
AH: 8-Scipio 3-16

Fum Rec-Ret:

P: 20-Eglin 1-0
AH: 11-Arrowsmith 1-0, 35-Slaughter 1-11


P: 33-Rosales, 50-Boyle
AH: 2-Brown 2, 58-Roberts 2, 90-Elliott 1/2, 98-Wheeler 1/2


Allan Hancock entered 4-2 while Pierce entered 1-5. Nicholson played all but the last series of the first half, when Jones took over for the rest of the night at QB for AHC. Sloan's TD came one play after a 45-yd pass from Nicholson to Sorenson. Schneider's 1st FG came after Dockery, under pressure, tried to throw the ball away as he was being spun around by Roberts and ended up throwing it backwards; the play began at the AHC 20 but Slaughter recovered at the LAPC 33 (and returned it to the 22). The FG right before halftime came after an unsuccessful fake punt try by Eglin with 14 secs left in the half. Daley was stopped at the AHC 1-yard line on the game's final play to preserve the shutout for AHC.

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