Minnesota community colleges don't send many football players to division one schools, but that's not to say there's no talent up north. This year Fergus Falls CC wide receiver, Justin Arneson, is one of the conference's top prospects. He's got speed to burn.

"He's fast," said Fergus Falls Head Coach Lloyd Danzeisen of his receiver, Justin Arneson, who runs a 4.3 forty.

The 5-11, 175-pound Arneson signed with division two North Dakota State out of Fergus Falls High School when he was only 150 pounds. But a change of heart led him home to Fergus Falls CC.

Danzeisen was fortunate to land Arneson, who has amassed nearly 2,000 yards in two seasons.

"In our four receiver sets he can be any one of those four guys. But he's very comfortable outside," said Danzeisen. "He also returns punts and has had at least 12 touchdown receptions each year."

Of course, Arneson has more than pure speed. He has the ability to get yards after the catch, too.

"He's learning more about how to use his speed. He used to juke too much but now he's learning to run away from people ... or just split through defenders," said Danzeisen.

There's no question that Arneson is pure athlete. Last year he participated in basketball and baseball in addition to football. "He's a real prospect in baseball," said Danzeisen.

"He regularly beats out grounders, plays center field, and pitches. And he also shows power with home runs."

Although he's great on the baseball diamond it looks like football will be the sport in his future.

Helping Arneson along in his development as a wide receiver is his position coach, who played the position in the NFL during the early 70s. According to Danzeisen, his assistant knows what speed is and what it takes to play at the highest level...and Arneson has what it takes to move on. 

Several division one colleges agree and have been impressed with Arneson. Marshall liked what they saw in spring and Auburn, Missouri, and Colorado have expressed interest too.

"We're just getting the film out," said Danzeisen.

Lest we forget to mention that this wide receiver carries a 3.8 GPA and will have three years to play two at a D1 school. He gets out in December.

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