2005 JCFootball.com Combine Information

The 5th annual JCFootball.com combines are coming this May. Over 100 different coaches from four-year universities and colleges -- ranging from D1A to NAIA -- will be there to scout prospects, with some traveling to all three combines. DATES: April 30 at Mesa CC. May 7 at Citrus College in southern California. And May 14 at San Jose State.

Dates & Locations:

This will be our fifth year in California! This year's SoCal Combine is being held on Saturday, May 7 at Citrus College, in Glendora, California. Their facilities are great and many on the coaching staff have worked our combines in the past.

This year the NorCal combine will be held on May 14 at San Jose State University.

Our WSFL (Arizona) combine will be on April 30 at Mesa CC.

Eligibility: To attend athletes must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be entering their sophomore season in the fall of 2005 OR be a sophomore who was a starter for his team in 2004 and whose eligibility has expired in 2004 but is still awaiting a scholarship offer.
  2. Must have played JC football during the 2003 or 2004 season.
  3. Must be in good academic standing & able to transfer to 4-year school by the end of summer 2006.
  4. Must be currently enrolled at a JC.
  5. Freshman qualifiers seeking early transfer must be recommended by a coach.
  6. Sorry, but high school athletes are not allowed to participate. No exceptions.

Get scouted, increase your learning, and have fun!

Cost: $10.

Event Time: Registration will begin at 8:30am. and testing is from 10:00am- 4:00pm.

Agenda: The combine will begin with check-in, photo, weight and height measurement. The athlete will then receive a number to wear for identification purposes.

Coaches: Some of the top community colleges in each area will be working with participants. If you're interested in helping, either on the football end or as a general volunteer, please contact JCFootball.com.

The following tests will be given:

  • 40-yard dash
  • Shuttle Run
  • Bench Press (Maximum repetitions at 185 lbs. for QB/WR/RB/DB  and 225 for OL/DL/LB/TE)
  • Vertical Jump

It's important to note that participants are NOT required to take all of the tests and that one's results can be 'scratched', which means they won't be distributed in the final combine reports.

20-yard Shuttle at previous Combine

After testing athletes will break into groups and work on selected skills:

  • Quarterbacks, Receivers, Tight ends, Defensive Backs, ½ of linebackers: Agilities, One-on-ones, Seven-on-seven (possible)
  • Offensive and defensive line: Agilities, sled work, bag work, Obstacle course (emphasizing footwork: running ropes, bag step-overs, etc.).
  • Linebackers: Agilities and drills
  • Running backs: Agilities and drills
  • Kickers/ Punters/ Long Snappers: Drills for accuracy and distance

Participants receive instruction from top coaches.

In the past four years, JCFootball.com combines were a great success with over 650 participants over the course of three great weekends last spring. Look for a story later about some of the athletes who participated in previous combines and where they signed.

You can register right now online:
2005 Registration Form

We look forward to seeing you and stay tuned to JCFootball.com for more details!


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