Citrus College Prospects

Here is a look at some of the top prospects from Citrus College in Glendora, California playing for first-year head coach Kevin Emerson.

First Last Position Ht/Wt 40 Div
**Jamont Adams DB/FS 5-11, 185 4.43 1A
***Eric  Escujuri C/OL 6-3, 275 5.1 1A
***Zac Bryant G/OL 6-0, 285 4.81 1A
**Kris Dixon LB 6-1, 205 4.5 1AA
**Edwin Thompson OLB 6-2, 212 4.43 1A-1AA
*Corey  Haygood SS/OLB 6-1, 200 4.55 1A-1AA
**Joe Martin DE 6-4, 215 4.5 1A-1AA
**Keith Hatter FB 5-8, 205 4.63 II
**Eric Salinas FB 5-8, 205 4.63 II
**Bemenet Assefa WR 6-3, 175 4.53 II
*Jesse  Nicassio P/KO 6-1, 175 4.75 1A



*Student Athletes that can go at mid-term at any level (have AA or qualifier)

** Student can go at mid-term to Div. II,III, or NAIA (24 unit rule)

*** 4-2-4


Jamont Adams is a blue chip. Does it all: DB, Returner, and can play for anyone. Team Captain. Jamont can only go DII because of clock. (2-2) Jersey #17


Jesse Nicassio is a great punter that will hang it up high and is a very dedicated player. Special Teams Captain (2-2) Jersey # 23

Corey Haygood is a coach's son with great smarts. Is very smart and will deliver the hits. Very coachable and is a team captian. (2-3) Jersey # 18


Joe Martin is fast and very smart as well. Very aggressive and will react to the mis-direction plays. Hard to fool. (2-3) Jersey # 32


Kris Dixon did not play for us this year. Ineligible. He is fast and can play tackle to tackle. Plays with intensity. (2-2)


Edwin Thompson has great speed and is able to cover as well. Would be a good OLB. Smaller DI player. (2-3) Jersey # 49


Eric Escujuri has great feet, understands the line game and can play all positions, but he is a true center. He is a 4-2-4, out in spring (2-3) Jersey #54

Zac Bryant is strong and understands line play very well. Benched 400, squat 515 and has good speed. Oklahoma guy!! Does a great job. (DI guy but a 4-2-4 guy can only go DII) (2-2). Jersey # 55

Keith Hatter is physical. Fast and runs hard. Will hit any LB. Good speed and is fun to coach. (2-2) Jersey # 22

Eric Salinas is undersized but will not hurt you. He is smart and has good football sense. Very good football player. (2-2) Jersey # 53


Bemenet is a great coachable athlete, he has good hand and runs very well. Makes big catches. Will only get much better. Only 1 year at JC. Jersey # 12

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