Garden City - Butler Co. Analysis

Here's a little breakdown of last weekend's Garden City vs. Butler Co. game in Kansas. The article is written by a Broncbusters fan, who prefers to remain anonymous.

This was a defensive battle without any top offensive individual performances.

These three things were key to the outcome:

1. We couldn't bring pressure on the Butler Co. quarterback as we did in the first game when he was 2 of 22 for 15 yards.
2. We had to give them a safety. It was the thing to do at the time.
3. Our defense was dead tired in the fourth quarter. In previous games our starters have not had to play in the fourth quarter. Butler just got stronger.

They (BCCC) deserved the win.

RB Jermaine Green did NOT have any 200 yards of total offense. Far from it. 77 yards rushing and one 21-yard TD catch.

Garden City will play Scottsdale in the Valley of the Sun Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. We played Glendale (Ariz.) in that same bowl last December. We wouldn't have anything to do with that bowl in Texas.

These three 'Busters are confirmed commits to Colorado:

DT Lance Carson (6-5, 255) - Athletic, quick, and agile
DE Gabe Nyenhuis (6-5, 255) - Perhaps our best DL; transfer from Northwestern Univ.
OT Clint Werth (6-6, 296) - O-lineman of the year in the Jayhawk Conference.

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