Foothill QB Waye Terry

You can be forgiven if prior to this season you had never heard of Foothill College sophomore quarterback Waye Terry. However, this season he has made a name for himself as one of the top quarterback in California junior college football.

As a freshman, Terry played at Rochester Community College in Minnesota.  During his freshman year, he quietly led the Yellowjackets to an undefeated 12-0 season.  Despite his success as a freshman, he felt that a change was necessary following the season.  Thus, he transferred to Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California and the rest is history.  But why would a quarterback leave a school where he was on top of the world?  In order to understand, you have to know a little about Waye's background.

Waye was raised in Natchez, Mississippi.  However, during the early years of high school Waye struggled with his grades and his parents felt that he needed a change of scenery.  Well, they couldn't have chosen scenery much different from Mississippi than that of Valley City, North Dakota.  Waye joined his brother, Tyrone, in North Dakota and enrolled at Valley City High School.  It wan't until after his arrival at Valley City and his senior year in high school that he picked up football.

Thus, heading into college, Waye had only played one year of organized football.  And to top things off, this one season was in North Dakota.  Collegiate recruiters can be forgiven for overlooking Waye.  He decided his best bet was to join one of the top community college football programs in the northern Mid-West at Rochester Community College in Minnesota.  Waye earned the starting quarterback job and the Yellowjackets flourished.

Unfortunately, Waye's position coach was also the head coach of the men's basketball team and was unable to give Waye the time that he needed in order to learn and prepare to move on to a major university.  Thus, Waye looked west to the 70+ junior colleges of California.  He did some research (some of which was on and quickly learned Foothill College's and coach Marshall Sperpeck's reputation for sending quarterback on to the next level. 

Foothill had recently sent Travis Cole on to the University of Minnesota and during the off-season, Ryan Sorahan had signed with the University of Arkansas after his freshman season at Foothill.  Waye felt good about Foothill and his opportunity to learn and succeed on the field and in the classroom.  Waye packed his bags and headed west, where he enrolled at Foothill. 

Since his arrival, he has had a major impact on the team.  He won the starting quarterback job thanks to his combination of arm strength, vision on the field, leadership and great footspeed.  He has put all of his attributes to good use, leading the team to a 6-3 record through nine games. 

Waye (6-2, 195) has completed 146 of 267 passes for 1,955 yards and 24 touchdowns, with 11 interceptions.  He has more rushing yards than any other quarterback with 408 yards on the ground and has scored five touchdowns of his own.  Against Sacramento City College, Waye helped bring his team back from a 21-0 deficit to win the game with his combination of passing and running.

Although it has taken recruiters a while to figure it out, Waye is now getting recruited by some good programs.  He will visit Iowa State on the weekend of November 24th.  The Cyclones would like to bring in Waye and redshirt him for one season as fellow California JC alum Seneca Wallace (Sacramento City College) completes his senior season in 2002.  The idea of playing in front of a huge crowd like that of Iowa State and playing on television appeals to Waye.  However, he doesn't have any friends or family in the Iowa area, so that is one drawback about ISU.   

Western Michigan and Division I newcomer South Florida are also hot after Waye and he plans to visit them during the second week in December, following Foothill's December 1st bowl game.  South Florida would put Waye close to his family in Mississippi and Western Michigan would put him close to his friends in Minnesota.  This might weigh on his decision.

Waye is a mid-year transfer, so he must take all of his trips and make his decision quickly if he wants to transfer and begin school in January.  He would like to sign before the Holidays so that he can return home with the knowledge of where he will be heading for the Spring.

With three years to play two seasons at the next level and his ablilty to transfer mid-year, Waye could potentially be at the university level for three and a half years.  With this time to learn and grow as a quarterback, Waye Terry certainly has the potential to be an outstanding Division I quarterback.  Watch for Waye Terry in the years to come.

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