2004 All-Arizona Combine Team

This is the 2004 All-Arizona Combine Team. Offensive and defensive players were chosen based on overall testing performance, not performance on the gridiron, coach's recommendation, or 'four-year recruitability.' Additionally, we decided to go with a certain number of players at each position (e.g., 5 OL, 1 QB, 3 DL) instead of best testers regardless of position.



* = unsigned sophomore

Dexter Hill
(6-0, 177)
QB Scottsdale Hill ran a 4.74 forty and showed nice quickness with a 4.31 shuttle. Challenged himself by lifting 225 pounds instead of 185, and hoisted 8 reps.
Morris Smith
(5-9 3/4, 175)
RB E Arizona Smith's top testing marks were in the vertical (34 inches) and shuttle (4.18). On this day he posted a top forty time of 4.62. We reward him extra points for being a midyear grad.
Kendrick Johnson*
(5-10 1/2, 226)
RB N Mex Military Kendrick is an unsigned sophomore, and we're not sure why--except that he doesn't graduate until July. He has two 1,000-yard seasons to his credit. At the combine he ran a 4.6 and did 22 reps of 225.
Aaron Butler
(6-2 1/4, 196)
WR Pima Impressive! Somehow we got the impression that Aaron was ready for a summer departure from Pima. We were wrong, as he has one more season. Four-year colleges visiting Pima during spring loved his size and athleticism. At our combine he ran a 4.44 forty and a lights out 4.09 shuttle. His 19 reps at 185 and 35 1/2-inch vertical are nice marks too.
Jeff McKane
(6-2, 167)
WR Mesa The testing number that stands out most is the vertical: 36 1/2 inches. His consecutive times of 4.28 in the shuttle and 4.53 forty were also respectable.
Ruben Ruiz
(6-4, 225)
TE Ariz Western His numbers weren't eye-popping, but a 4.87 forty and a very nice 4.47 shuttle aren't bad. He hoisted 10 reps at 225, too.
Kane Crume
(6-2 1/4, 271)
OL N Mex Military Kane proved himself on the field last year as the starting center for NMMI. He's also a credible snapper. This guy showed he could move, too, running a 5.18 forty and 4.96 shuttle. He put up 17 reps of 225 and jumped 25 inches. Kane is a qualifier who could end up signing with a four-year program prior to fall football; he garnered some interest during and after the combine.
Matthew Heus
(6-3, 305)
OL Scottsdale We're told that the Univ. of Florida has been a regular caller on Heus. That might mean something? Last year he started at guard but will switch to tackle for 2004.
Robert Dowd
(6-1 3/4, 278)
OL Scottsdale This OC ran a 5.48 forty and put up 20 reps of 225.
Jeremy Moats
(6-2, 248)
OL E Arizona He's definitely on the small side but had the best shuttle (4.75) and a 24-inch vertical.
Nikolasi Uiha
(6-0 1/2, 350+)
OL Scottsdale We think Nikolasi was the largest OL on hand. We're putting him on the all-Arizona Combine team because he lifted 21 reps of 225 -- more reps than any other OL. A 5.45 shuttle time wasn't much slower than some of the more nimble guys.
Andre Hedgepeth
(6-4 1/2, 221)
ATH Ariz Western Andre worked out as a WR but he could be listed as a WR/TE/H-Back. He's a transfer from Iowa Central CC who ran a 4.68 forty and put up 15 reps at 185. His hands were a bit inconsistent in the one-on-ones at the combine. Andre was recruited by a number of Big-12 and Big-10 programs out of HS.



* = unsigned sophomore

Douglas Marshall
(5-10 1/2, 275)
DL E Arizona Testing highlights: 5.2 forty, 26-inch vertical, 19 reps at 225, and a 4.83 shuttle. We understand that Marshall, squats in the neighborhood of 650 pounds.
Luke Bevans
(6-3, 217)
DE Scottsdale Ran a 4.61 forty and 4.24 shuttle. Showed nice strength, too, putting up 225 pounds 17 times. How about a 35-inch vertical? Last year Bevans backed up an All-Conference DE in Adam Garday (New Mexico signee). We're told that Cal and Nevada are showing interest in the speed rushing Bevans.
Adley Vitoly
(6-2, 232)
DE E Arizona A raw but intriguing DE prospect with tremendous upside. With a big season, he should attract attention from the 'majors.' Adley ran a 4.93 forty and 4.65 shuttle. His vertical was 31 inches. Looked good in the OL/DL one-on-ones.
Kenyon Finch
(6-0 1/2, 215)
LB E Arizona This middle linebacker ran a 4.72 forty and a terrific 4.32 shuttle. Another decent testing number was the 32-inch vertical jump. One of his teammates says, "He's legit and he's a hitter."
Joel Sieczkowski*
(6-1, 242)
LB Mesa Joel ran a 4.41 shuttle and leaped 37 inches. He's an unsigned sophomore who started for Mesa last year, and would be a good late pick up for some four-year program needing a 'backer.
Henry Todd
(6-0 1/2, 225)
LB Mesa Henry was one of seven Mesa linebackers on hand at the combine. He ran a 4.81 forty, 4.52 shuttle, vertical jumped 35 inches, and put up 15 reps at 225.
Christian Serena
(5-11 1/2, 233)
LB Scottsdale Before injuring his hamstring during his 2nd forty run, Christian posted a nice forty time of 4.84. His 22 reps at 225 beat out all other linebackers. He vertical jumped 29.5 inches. Unfortunately, he could not run the shuttle due to the hamstring.
Patrick Nicks
(5-8 3/4, 189)
DB E Arizona Patrick stood out in the one-on-ones where he was matched up with the top WRs. He also ran a 4.37 forty and vertical jumped 34 inches. Another plus: his GPA is around 3.2. Overall, he was the top athlete at the combine.
Brandon Valora
(5-9, 181)
S Scottsdale Nice speed: 4.72 forty and 4.31 shuttle. And strength: 17 reps at 225. We're told by one of his coaches, but haven't confirmed, that Valora is in the Marine Corps (admirable). Slated to graduate in December.
Travonte Darby
(5-8 1/2, 188)
CB E Arizona Darby is the other half of EAC's fine starting cornerback tandem (Nicks being the other). Ran a 4.47 forty and 4.45 shuttle. Darby hoisted 14 reps of 185 and vertical jumped 32 inches.
Larue Burley
(5-10 1/4, 180)
CB Mesa The three testing numbers that stood out most were Larue's 4.27 shuttle, 35-inch vertical, and 17 reps at 185. Add in a 4.54 forty and you've got a pretty nice overall performance.
Joseph Miolla
(5-5 3/4, 161)
CB Mesa What he doesn't bring in size he brings in athleticism. Miolla ran a 4.47 forty, 4.51 shuttle, leaped 33 inches, and pushed up 11 reps at 225. The bench press number is an eye-catcher given his stature.
Brian Steele
(6-1, 208)
P Scottsdale Brian was the only P/PK to show up, and we're glad he did. He's a D1 prospect all the way. His punts are phenominal. We understand he is already being recruited by a host of D1 programs.

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