2001 All-WSC Pacific Division

The 2001 All-Western State Pacific Division Selections. Player of the Year honors went to LA Harbor DE, Monte Parson. Division Coach of the Year honors to both Chuck Lyon (Canyons) and Steve Schmitz (LA Harbor). All selections were voted on by the coaches.

Pacific Division

First Team Offense

  C   PAUL DOLINSKY* 6-1 280 So. Canyons
OL   BRANDON LOCKHEART* 6-6 320 So. Santa Monica
OL   LATE BANKOUADAGBA 6-2 280 So. West L.A.
OL   GREG VANDERMADE 6-4 280 So. Canyons
OL   TREVOR HUTTON 6-2 290 So. Allan Hancock
OL   DORSEY MITCHELL** 6-6 330 So. Compton
TE   BRANDON THOMPSON 6-2 210 Fr. L.A. Southwest
TE   MIKE GOMEZ 6-6 235 So. Canyons
WR   JASON MITCHELL** 6-2 195 So. L.A. Harbor
WR   TREMAINE MITCHELL 6-2 180 So. Santa Monica
WR   JERMAINE MOORE 6-1 200 So. Allan Hancock
WR   DAVID RELF*** 6-0 185 So. Compton
RB   J.J. ARRINGTON 5-10 200 Fr. Canyons
RB   ROBERT MATHENY 6-0 200 So. Allan Hancock
RB   BRANDY RUSSELL 5-10 200 So. L.A. Harbor
RB   MICHAEL GADDY 6-1 200 Fr. Allan Hancock
QB   MELVIN YARBROUGH 6-1 220 So. L.A. Harbor
QB   CHAD MUNSON 6-3 225 So. Compton
PK   STEVE SARUBBI 6-4 160 So. Allan Hancock
RET   CEDRIC THOMPSON 5-9 160 So. Canyons

Second Team Offense

C   RICHARD BEAS 6-4 275 So. Santa Monica
OL   HENRY VALENCIA 6-3 285 Fr. L.A. Harbor
OL   NICK PENALOSA*** 6-5 300 So. L.A. Harbor
OL   MAKANI SARELLANO 6-2 260 Fr. Allan Hancock
OL   JOE MAIALE*** 6-4 295 So. L.A. Pierce
OL   TROY TAYLOR** 6-5 315 So. Compton
OL   JOSE SANCHEZ 6-2 255 Fr. L.A. Southwest
WR   AZZAM STALLSWORTH 6-0 185 So. West L.A.
WR   LEON PINKEY* 6-4 260 So. Canyons
WR   LYMAR PRATT*** 5-9 175 So. L.A. Harbor
RB   EMERY BECKLES*** 5-9 160 So. Compton
RB   CORTLANDT FLORENCE* 6-1 190 So. Compton
RB   AMIR RAHMAN 5-8 180 So. L.A. Southwest
QB   ANDRE SMITH 6-0 190 Fr. West L.A.
QB   KYLE BAUER 5-11 175 Fr. Canyons
PK   JASON MANDLER 5-10 175 So. Santa Monica
PK   TOMMY GARAGLIANO** 6-1 190 So. Canyons
RET   IMAN WILLIAMS 5-11 165 So. West L.A.

#(Unanimous selection);    *(1st Team WSC 2000);    **(2nd Team WSC 2000);    ***(Honorable Mention WSC 2000).

Honorable Mention Offense

  C----Brian Berkefeld** (So. L.A. Pierce);  Anthony Casey (Fr. Compton).

OL----Shaun Citizen (Fr. L.A. Southwest);  Rashad Clark (So. West L.A.);  Danny Gonzales (Fr. Canyons);  Xavier Simms (Fr. L.A. Harbor).

TE----Myron Mailo (So. L.A. Harbor).

WR---David Black (So. L.A. Pierce);  Sidney Blue (So. West L.A.);  Chris Chestnut (So. Canyons);  Eugene Childs (So. Compton);  Simon Christian (Fr. Santa Monica);  Chris Christopher (Fr. L.A. Harbor);  Chad Clark** (So. Allan Hancock);  Chico Mackey (Fr. West L.A.);  Cameron Moore (Fr. L.A. Southwest);  Stephen Stokes*** (Canyons).

RB----Yesel Manrique (Fr. L.A. Pierce);  Jaime Moreno (Fr. West L.A.);  Andre Nickelson** (So. Allan Hancock);  Eddie Robinson (Fr. Santa Monica).

QB----Richard Welles (Fr. Santa Monica).

PK----Erick Corona (So. Compton).

RET--Casey Miranda (So. Allan Hancock).

First Team Defense

DL #MONTE PARSON** 6-3 275 So. L.A. Harbor
DL   AGATUPU SAGAPOLUTELE 6-1 250 So. Allan Hancock 
DL   ROBERT SINGERMAN*** 6-2 275 So. West L.A.
DL   HAUSIA FALEOFA 6-1 240 So. Canyons
DL   JONATHAN FANENE 6-4 270 So. Canyons
LB #JOHN ANDREWS 6-0 225 Fr. Compton
LB   DANIEL URQUHART* 6-4 245 So. L.A. Southwest
LB   JOEY LAPORTE 6-1 235 So. Canyons
LB   JERALD SMITH 5-11 215 So. West L.A.
LB   KEVIN SPERRY 6-2 220 Fr. L.A. Harbor
DB #LOUIS LAVENDER 6-2 180 So. West L.A.
DB   JUSTIN COOPER 6-1 195 Fr. L.A. Southwest
DB   MAURICE HART 6-0 200 So. Canyons
DB   HARVEY WHITTEN JR. 6-3 215 Fr. Compton
DB   DARRYL MURPHY*** 5-10 185 So. Canyons
DB   ALLEN RUSSELL 5-9 170 So. L.A. Harbor
  P #JASON DAILEY* 6-2 175 So. Canyons

Second Team Defense

DL   CHRISTOPHER PERRY 6-2 235 So. Compton
DL   WILLIAM PAUL 6-3 330 So. Compton
DL   ROBERT GARCIA 6-0 265 So. L.A. Pierce
DL   LEO NOBLES 6-2 190 Fr. L.A. Southwest
DL   JOHN LEVARO 6-4 250 Fr. L.A. Southwest
DL   ALEX POYER 6-1 260 So. L.A. Harbor
LB   CHRIS SMITH 6-3 250 So. L.A. Harbor
LB   MINGO BROWN 6-2 240 Fr. West L.A.
LB   IGNACIO BAUTISTA 5-10 228 So. L.A. Pierce
LB   CHRIS BOHANNON*** 6-2 210 So. L.A. Southwest
LB   MARTIN ARCE 6-2 240 So. Santa Monica
LB   ERDOLO EROMO** 5-9 190 So. L.A. Southwest
DB   WILLIE POPE III 6-2 190 Fr. Compton
DB   DOUGLAS BRUMFIELD 6-3 210 So. Compton
DB   DARREN BUTLER 5-8 160 So. L.A. Harbor
DB   ALEX LEWIS 5-11 180 So. West L.A.
  P   EDGARDO RENOSO 6-3 235 Fr. Compton

*(Unanimous selection);    *(1st Team WSC 2000);    **(2nd Team WSC 2000);    ***(Honorable Mention WSC 2000).

Honorable Mention Defense

DL----Joe Bailey (So. L.A. Pierce);  Ryan Davey*** (So.; Canyons);  Ernest Davis (Fr. L.A. Southwest);  Eric Davis (Fr. L.A. Southwest);  Andy Endermann (So. Canyons);  Val King*** (So. Allan Hancock);  Steve Seager (So. L.A. Harbor);  Terris Sutton (So. Compton).

LB----Mike Armacost (Fr. L.A. Pierce);  Mandrell Butler** (So. Compton);  Royce Cooley (So. West L.A.);  Duane Horn (So. Compton);  Paul Just (So. West L.A.);  Brad Lloyd (Fr. Canyons);  Shad McLachlan (So. L.A. Harbor);  Richard Roman (Fr. Santa Monica).

DB----Dominque Carter (Fr. Santa Monica);  Norman Epps (Fr. L.A. Harbor);  Greg Gruendyke (So. Allan Hancock); Torrey Hughes (So. L.a. Pierce);  Travis Jackson (So. Allan Hancock);  Jackson McIntyre (Fr. Santa Monica);  Cedric Piper (Fr. L.A. Southwest).




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