OL Matt Heus Will See Stock Rise With Big Season

Matt Heus is a 6-4, 315-pound offensive lineman at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. If Heus has a big sophomore season, then many four-year programs will come calling. What is he doing to help ensure the scouts take notice?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with JCFootball.com. What are your vitals and do you have any notable weight room accomplishments?
I'm 6-4, 315 pounds and run the forty in 5.3 seconds. In the weight room I hang clean 295 pounds 5 times.

Were you recruited by any four-year schools out of Desert Mountain High School? Did you have any scholarship offers?
I received a few calls from Arizona state and Arizona but nothing too serious.
What led you to Scottsdale Community College?
First, my grades in high school weren't spectacular until I got into football, and then the coaches here at Scottsdale treated me right and I felt it was a good program.
What were some of the highlights from your freshman season?
Playing  Snow and Dixie, and coming to the realization of what I'm capable of.

When will you have your AA degree?
I'll have it Next Spring. It's disappointing but it's the situation I got myself in to. Now I've gotta just get it done.
Are any four-year schools recruiting you right now? If yes, which ones?
I'm under the impression Cincinnati, Iowa State and Missouri are interested along with all the mail I'm getting from other schools.
If yes, then which schools seem to be recruiting you the hardest? Do you have any official offers yet?
I've received no offers, so for the most part they all seem equally interested.
What will be the most important factors, other than playing time obviously, that you'll consider when choosing a college?
Tradition, education, and their conference will take a big part in my decision. But I'm just hoping for a 1A opportunity.
What separates you from the other guys at your position that you've seen play?
I like to think I work harder than everyone around me and that everyday I striving to get better.
What are your biggest strengths right now?
My size is pretty good I've been told as well as my strength. I like to think I'm a natural run-blocker.
And any areas you're most focused on improving?
I'm focusing mostly on my flexibility and continuing to improve my strength. My speed needs work but I think that will come the more flexible I get. I've been hitting the weights pretty hard since the season ended.
Do you know what you'd like to study when you leave JC for a four-year college?
I'm not completely sure but becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach is something I think I want to get into.
How would your teammates describe you on and off of the football field?
They'd probably crack a few jokes at my expense but it's all in good fun. They'd probably talk about my humor and "get-it-done" attitude.
When you're not playing football or in school, what are some things you like to do?
I like to read, hang with the buddies, play video games, and lift weights of course.
Tell me something that's maybe a little unique about yourself:
I'm not a real selfish person. I really care about people around me and want them to succeed.
Name three or four other guys to watch for on your team next year.
Defensive end Luke Bevens has got a great motor and heart on the football field. Plus, amazing speed and strength. Quarterback Dexter Hill has got great field leadership and presence. He's also quick and very versatile. Offensive lineman Brian Hough is a big man at 6'6" and he's working hard everyday.


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