Orlando Evans Update

The Iowa Hawkeyes are once again setting their eyes on one of the top athletes at the quarterback position in the JUCO ranks. However, this time around its on the west coast at City College of San Fransico. Find out where Orlando will be visitng this weekend, and the five schools that remain in contention for his services.

Orlando Evans (6'1 180 4.4) plays on one of the top JUCO programs in the nation. While his running ability is quite attractive, its been his passing this year to big targets, such as Hawk targets Zach Fletcher and Jonathan McKonnen, that has also caught schools from all the around the nation's eye.

Just this past Saturday in the Hawaiian Punch Bowl for the North California Championship, Evans completed 23 of 42 passes for 296 yards with one touchdown and interception.

"Mississippi State, Indiana, Maryland, Iowa, and UCLA are the schools on my list," Orlando said. "I've already tripped to Mississippi State and Indiana, and I have a visit to Maryland this weekend. I'll be visiting Iowa on the 14th, and my visit to UCLA will be shortly after."

"The Missisippi State and Indiana visits were both equal. I thought both campuses were real nice, but it was over Thanksgiving break so I wasn't able to see a lot of the student body. I'm still pretty wide open with my decision making as my remaining visits will determine everything."

"Coach (Ken) O'Keefe from Iowa was out here this past week and was very nice. I have spoke to Iowa's head coach, Kirk Ferentz, on the phone and he has alerted me that I'll have the opporunity to play."

"The area of location will determine a lot about my decision. I have never seen snow or be in cold weather so it'll be interesting when I take my trip to Iowa. I, also, just want the opporunity to play for a winning program."

The Hawkeyes are, also, targeting CCSF WR's Zach Fletcher and Jonathan McKonnen. Iowa is the only school recruiting all three players, but while Orlando said it'd be nice to play with both of them again, it won't make his final decision for him.

Orlando has already seen the south, and now has trips lined to the east, midwest, and in his own backyard, the west coast. He definitely has been given the chance to see all three worlds, now Hawk fans will just have to wait patiently hoping that Orlando enjoys his view of the midwest more than anything else.

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