Congratulations to our Bowl Prediction Winner!

We had a number of entries to our bowl predicition contest, with the winner posting an amazing 18-2 record! However, our winner was unable to accept the prize so it was awarded to our runner up, who went 15-5 with her predictions! Read on to see their predicitions and find out who our winners are.

FIRST PLACE - Prediction Record: 18-2

Brad Cauzza, Bakersfield, California

Brad, a 18-year-old student at Bakersfield College, had an incredible mark of 18-2.  The two calls he missed were Grossmont over Pasadena and Saddleback over Canyons.  Other than that, he called them all (inlcuding all of the NJCAA games).  Unfortunately, he will be unable to make it to Visalia for the State Championship game, although I'm sure he would have found a way if the Renegades were playing in the game :-).  Brad might be in contention to replace the Swammi!  Here are a look at his picks.

Cerritos 35, Hancock 31
Mt. San Jacinto 24, Long Beach 23
West Valley 21,  Contra Costa 17
Foothill 34, Redwoods 10
Laney 20, Yuba 14
Modesto 28, San Mateo 14
CCSF 42, Fresno 14
Bakersfield 14,  Antelope Valley 10
Grossmont 35, Pasadena 34
Palomar 27, Chaffey 21
Butte 17, Santa Rosa 3
Glendale 26, Fullerton 23
Saddleback 24, Canyons 21
Ricks 17, Lackawanna 7
Nassau 23, William Rainey Harper College 14
Kilgore 10, Tyler 7
Garden City 35, Scottsdale 27
Dixie St. 27, Rochester 17
Coffeyville 21, Navarro 20
Georgia Military 24,  Butler 13
Because Brad was unable to accept, we awarded to prize to our runner-up.  It was sort of fitting since she already had plans to attend the Championship Game:

RUNNER-UP - Prediction Record: 15-5

Dorothy Fa'aita, Daly City, California

Dorothy, the older sister of CCSF offensive guard Tim Fa'aita, has been following her "little" brother all season.  Her plans are taking her to Vialia this weekend for his final game as a CCSF Ram before he departs for a four-year university (likely Arizona State).  Hopefully her experience at the game will be a little more pleasant with a free game ticket and dinner and the banquet on Friday night.   Her record of 15-5 was impressive as well.  She was perfect in the NJCAA and missed the same two games that Brad missed, as well as three others.  Here are Dorothy's picks:

Cerritos 31, Hancock 21

Mt. San Jacinto 24, Long Beach 17

Contra Costa 31, West Valley 7

Foothill 41, Redwoods 14 

Laney 35, Yuba 23 

Modesto 48, San Mateo 31

CCSF 41, Fresno 21

Antelope Valley 27, Bakersfield 14

Grossmont 24, Pasadena 21

Palomar 42, Chaffey 31 

Butte College 21,  Santa Rosa 7

Fullerton 35,  Glendale 14

Saddleback 24, Canyons 14

Ricks 24, Lackawanna 21

Nassau 28, Harper College 14   

Kilgore 41, Tyler 21

Garden City 33, Scottsdale 7

Dixie 24, Rochester CTC 20   

Coffeyville 31, Navarro  14

Georgia Military 28, Butler County 21

 Congratulations to both!  We look forward to having Dorothy as our guest on Friday night at the banquet.  Thanks to all who participated!

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