JC Grid-Wire Top 25 (9-1-04)

Santa Ana, Ca. - City College of San Francisco was picked as the pre-season national community college champion by the J.C. Grid-Wire. Although the Rams are facing possible sanctions which could deny them the opportunity to play in the state playoffs, George Rush's crew is loaded at every position. Dixie State, a perennial contender, is rated as CCSF's strongest opposition, with two more California teams, Grossmont and College of Canyons, given strong chances to capture the title.



1. C.C. SAN FRANCISCO (12-0) Final '03 rank: 1 tie
Comments: Rams have gone 57-2 in past 5 years. ‘Nuff said.

2. DIXIE STATE, Utah. (10-2) Final rank: 10
Comments: Avoid that upset and this might be the year.

3. GROSSMONT (13-1) Final rank: 3
Comments: Heavy losses from great ‘03, but Griffs have reloaded

4. COLLEGE OF CANYONS (11-1) Final rank: 5
Comments: Challenging schedule. Stars at key positions.

5. BUTLER COUNTY, Ks. (12-0) Final rank: 1 tie
Comments: Won't fall off much from '03 co-champs.

6. FRESNO (9-2) Final rank: 15
Comments: Must beat CCSF on Sept. 18 at home. 11 a.m. kickoff.

7. BUTTE (9-2) Final rank: 16
Comments: Powerful offensive weapons in tough circuit.

8. BLINN, Tx. (7-3) Final rank: NR
Comments: Same can be said for the Bucs. Great receivers.

9. MT. SAN ANTONIO (10-2) Final rank: 14
Comments: Number one sleeper. Mounties could pull it off.

10. COFFEYVILLE, Kans. (9-3) Final rank: 24
Comments: Nice opening win at NEO. Great recruiting crop too.

11. SNOW, Utah. (9-1) Final rank: 9
Comments: Look for Badgers to go bowling this year.

12. CERRITOS (7-4) Final rank: NR
Comments:  ‘03 – " may be too high or too low." Ditto in '04.

13. BAKERSFIELD (6-4) Final rank: NR
Comments: Look for Renegade renaissance under new head coach Jeff Chudy.

14. N.E. OKLAHOMA (10-2) Final rank: 11
Comments: 23-20 loss to Coffeyville may be only one.

15. GARDEN CITY, Ks. (5-5) Final rank: NR
Comments: Might be as good as Butler or Coffeyville. We'll see.

16. JONES COUNTY, Ms. (7-2) Final rank: NR
Comments: Tough to go unbeaten down yonder. Bobcats might.

17. SAN JOAQUIN DELTA (9-2) Final rank: 19
Comments: Mustangs will outscore most foes. Good skill players.

18. GEORGIA MILITARY (8-3) Final rank: 28
Comments: Won't be discouraged by opening loss to Kilgore.

19. PEARL RIVER, Ms. (10-1) Final rank: 7
Comments: If all the pieces fit watch out for the Wildcats.

20. PALOMAR (8-3) Final rank: 22
Comments: Comets could be real good if they beat Canyons early.

21. SADDLEBACK (8-3) Final rank: 23
Comments: Heavy losses but great freshman crop.

22. CHAFFEY (8-3) Final rank: NR
Comments: As QB Davila goes, so go the Panthers.

23. SANTA ROSA (11-0) Final rank: 4
Comments: 1st year in NorCal Conf. will be tough, but solid group.

24. WM. RAINEY HARPER (10-1) Final rank: 20
Comments: Win over Joliet already in pocket. 9-2 or 10-1 is possible.

25. NORTHWEST MISSISSIPPI (8-2) Final rank: 27
Comments: Hard to place Rangers this low. Could be a top 10 team.


FULLERTON (10-3); CITRUS (9-2); JOLIET (7-3); REEDLEY (9-2); VICTOR VALLEY (7-4); TYLER (10-2); KILGORE (6-4); GLENDALE, Ariz. (9-2); IOWA CENTRAL (10-1); GRAND RAPIDS (6-4); EL CAMINO (8-3); SIERRA (11-0)


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