2nd Annual JCFootball.com California Combines

Get ready for the 2nd Annual JCFootball.com SoCal and NorCal combines, which are coming May 2002. There were over 320 participants in the first year and we expect many more the second time around. Many recruiters were in attendance and received the tabulated post-combine reports. The 2002 events will be free to participants. And our sponsors will help these events be even more successful.

Locations: For the second year in a row our events will be held at Santa Ana College and Chabot College. The latter has a brand new weight room and new track around the football stadium. Field and testing conditions were excellent last year and they will be even better in 2002.

Dates: May 11 at Chabot College in the Bay Area. Then May 4 is the date of our SoCal event.

Eligibility: To attend athletes must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be entering their sophomore season in the fall of 2002 OR be a sophomore who was a starter for his team in 2001 and whose eligibility has expired in 2001 but is still awaiting a scholarship offer.
  2. Must have played JC football during the 2000 or 2001 season.
  3. Must be in good academic standing & able to transfer to 4-year school by summer 2003.
  4. Must be currently enrolled at a JC.
  5. Freshman qualifiers seeking early transfer must be recommended by a coach.

Get scouted, increase your learning, and have fun!

Cost: Free to participants. Includes a great t-shirt!

Event Time: For both dates, registration begins at 8:30 am. and testing from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm .

Agenda: The combine will begin with check-in, photo, weight and height measurement. The athlete will then receive a number to wear for identification purposes.

The following tests will be given:

  • 40-yard dash
  • Shuttle Run
  • Bench Press (Maximum repetitions at 185 lbs. for skill players and 225 for linemen)
  • Vertical Jump

It's important to note that participants are NOT required to take all of the tests and that one's results can be 'scratched', which means they won't be distributed in the final combine reports.

20-yard Shuttle at 2001 Combine

After testing athletes will break into groups and work on selected skills:

  • Quarterbacks, Receivers, Tight ends, Defensive Backs, ½ of linebackers: Agilities, One-on-ones, Seven-on-seven
  • Offensive and defensive line: Agilities, sled work, bag work, Obstacle course (emphasizing footwork: running ropes, bag step-overs, etc.).
  • Linebackers: Agilities and drills
  • Running backs: Agilities and drills
  • Kickers/ Punters/ Long Snappers: Drills for accuracy and distance

Participants receive instruction from top coaches.

In its first year the JCFootball.com SoCal and NorCal combines were a smashing success with over 320 participants over the course of two great weekends. Check out just a few of the players who attended last year and their current status:

Nathan Chandler, Pasadena – Iowa. JC Grid-Wire AA in 2001.
Andy Goodenough, Palomar – Arizona State. JC Grid-Wire AA in 2001.
Beau Pierce, Allan Hancock – San Jose State. Combine helped him land his scholarship.
Brandon Fischer, Santa Ana – Will likely sign with 1A in February. Had a great season.
Luke Rowley, Riverside – Will probably sign 1A in February.
Derrick Barnes, Santa Ana – UNLV

Jeremiah Cockherhan, Chaffey – All conference player in 2001.
Ken Farley, Jr., Fullerton – Oregon State. Combine helped him get to OSU.
Lewis Areyan, El Camino – Arizona State
Gerald Sykes, Palomar – Iowa State and many other 1As on him hard!
James Benton, Fullerton – 1A schools recruiting him hard!
Shaheed Richardson, Chaffey – Iowa State

Chad Kalilimoku, Santa Ana – Will sign with Hawaii or Utah in February.
Ryan Kroeker, Bakersfield – All-conference player.
James Julian, San Mateo – Cincinnati
Jeremiah Imperial, San Diego Mesa - New Mexico State
John West, Yuba – Will get 1A scholarship very soon!
Perry Cloud, Shasta
– San Jose State. Combine helped him land scholarship following his graduation.

Mike Cox, Shasta – Record breaking wide receiver!
Brian Cavanaugh, West Valley – Syracuse
Andy Weldon, Shasta – Boise State
David Ashkinaz, De Anza – Will sign 1A in February.
Steve Church, Shasta – Nevada
Matt Raivio, Foothill – Northern Arizona

Talifaia "Ryan" Atoe, Redwoods – Getting ready to sign 1A. All-American player.
Scott McNamarra, Gavilan – Sacramento State
Patrice Mwamba-Majondo, Hartnell – Texas Tech
Darius Thomas, Chabot – Taking 1A trips in January.
Garry Torre, San Mateo – Washington State and others recruiting.
Brandon Catanese, Shasta – Oregon State

Many more to be added...

Video Tapes: Athletes and/or their coaches are encouraged to bring highlight films to the event. There may be a TV/Video room available to scouts during the event.

What to bring: Cleats and running shoes, video tape of game footage (possibly multiple copies), transcript (required; should be sent ahead of time)

Registration: Each athlete must complete a Registration Form and send a copy of his transcript (required) or bring it to the event.

Academic Transcripts Required: Transcripts will be duplicated and made available to the coaches who attend or order the results of the combine. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to send transcripts right away.

Social Event: Shortly after the clinic there will be a social function for the coaches who attend.

Show your best stuff in the drills!

How high can you go?

Join is in May 2002.


An official registration form will be made available to you shortly!

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: We are seeking a number of volunteers to help in a number of ways. Some have already expressed interest. If you are interested, please send an email to JCFootball.com. We appreciate it!

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