Happy Holidays to Everyone

JCFootball.com wishes all of you a very happy holiday season. We're glad you have been here with us during the past year or in some cases years! It has been a wonderful 2001 and we're looking forward to another great year.

That past year was full of highlights and we think 2002 will be the same. Here are a few things that come to mind from the past twelve months:

Rivals.com, the first network we joined, tanked and went out of business! It was a fun ride and we appreciated their hospitality.

We joined TheInsiders.com network and were welcomed by a great team of executives and other publishers. This association has given us access to CNN/Sports Illustrated, which helps us deliver stories about JC players to a much wider audience!

2001 JCFootball.com Combines in California were a huge success and help set the stage for year two! A good many participants are heading on to four-year institutions now.

Damon and I met up in Salt Lake City, Utah to see Snow play Glendale and then the nightcap for the conference title in St. George: Dixie State versus Ricks. This was too much fun and we appreciate the hospitality offered by both schools.

Our recruiting coverage went through the roof!

And there's no question that our three year partnership with the COA to sponsor the Calif. State Title Game was a crowning moment. Thanks to Stu Van Horn and David Eadie at COA for helping us get squared away. We look forward to the next two years.

Also, it was fun seeing Damon interviewed at half time of the Calif. Title Game on Fox Sports television! Good job, Damon.


How do we begin to thank all of those who help us succeed at JCFootball.com? For starters here are some people we really appreciate and to whom we are indebted for their outstanding contributions and efforts:

John Van Gaston - Thanks for the great stories on Minnesota football and Cody Horton; plus, all of the Cerritos football stories. And you were a big help at the SoCal combine!

Dave Rogahn- Great job on the game stories throughout the year. Always on time and consistently terrific! Loved the stories you did on the COA title game, which got picked up for the COA site, too.

Robert Dos Remedios - Awesome job on the Strength and Conditioning board.  Also, great articles on this type of subject matter.  Its great for the players!

Steve Diffey- Kept us in touch with Holmes through all his game summaries.

Michael Gresham- Go Gades! We love your passion for Bakersfield and thank you for taking on our BC Gades board as a moderator.

Hank Ives- We truly enjoy sharing time with Hank, who also helped get the combines going. My wife and I had dinner in Newport with Hank and his wife Joanie before the game and we just enjoyed their company immensely.

Chris Pappas and everyone involved with the CCCFCA - You make California JC football happen.  Thanks for your commitment!

Our Jayhawk Helper- You know who you are. Thanks for the continuing faxes and phone calls. I always feel we have the inside scoop on the Jayhawk Conference thanks to you!

Conference Statisticians- Ira Hertzoff, WSFL; Thom McDonald, ICCAC; Rob Ludwig, SWJCFA; Matt Metcalf, Northeast; Brett Brown, Mississippi; and all the California guys.

Fred Baer- Thanks for the San Mateo stories and for the All-State/All-Region teams.

Coaches Everywhere- Thanks for all of the help getting kids to our first combines and for taking -- and returning -- our phone calls.

Time to run. Look back next week for some additional thank yous. I'm rushing -- wife is saying "Lets go!!!!" -- to get this out because we really do appreciate all of the help!

Happy Holidays,


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