RECRUITING: Running Backs & Fullbacks

RECRUITING LIST: running backs and fullbacks. Updated 2/4. The following is a list of junior college running backs and fullbacks, who are being recruited by four-year colleges. Some, as noted, have already committed to or signed midyear with a four-year school. We will expand the list as more information becomes available. An * indicates known midyear transfer eligibility while # indicates late or summer qualifier.


* = midyear transfer
# = late transfer (i.e. August)

RB Ralph Davis* 6-1, 215 Jones Co. Louisiana Tech signee
RB  Ronald McClendon* 5-9, 185 Butler Co. #1 Top 101 Player
Signed with Ole Miss
RB Jonathan Smith 5-9, 180 Pasadena Top 101
Wash. State commit.
Broke nearly every
rushing record at PCC.
RB  Jermaine Green* 6-1, 220 Butler Co. Top 101
Wash. State signee
RB Johnny Mack* 5-8, 185 CC San Fran. Top 101
Texas Tech commit.
RB Muhammed Abdulqaadir* 5-8, 205 Coffeyville Top 101
S. Illinois signee
Should be 1A; no question.
RB Malfred Shaw* 5-11, 205 Sierra Idaho signee
RB Rodney Davis 5-11, 190 Fresno CC Fresno St. likely
RB Gerald Fryman 6-0, 240 Modesto San Jose St. commit
RB Eric Higgins 5-10, 190 Reedley New Mexico St. commit
RB Rey Braithwaite 5-11, 190 Grossmont BYU commit
RB Shung Peoples 5-11, 190 Long Beach CC Idaho commit. 
400+ yds. as frosh.
RB Daniel Davis* 6-0, 210 Garden City K-State signee.
Bounce back from N. Carolina.
Sat out 2001 to focus on academics.
RB Jimmy Green SD Mesa Colo. State commit.
Fresh. qualifier.
RB Oscar Rigg 5-11, 210 Shasta San Jose St. commit
RB Brandon Warfield 6-0, 200 Kilgore Top 101
Utah commit
RB Talib Humphrey* 6-2, 240 NE Okla. Miami signee.
Was in rotation with
three other RBs.
WR Jason Anderson 6-0, 205 Antelope Valley S. Dakota commit
RB / WR.
Clock forces D2.
Sub-4.4 forty.
Returns P and KO.
Over 1600 yds.
total offense.
RB Rashad Armstrong 5-9, 205 Mesa (AZ) Top 101
Baylor commit


RB Chris Bruhn# 6-4, 215 Butte Top 101
Wash. State signed out of HS.
Will graduate in August or later.
Wash. State, USC.
RB Preston Portee 5-11, 220 N. Mex Military Top 101
Tailback or FB.
Mich. St.,
Oregon St.
RB Jamil Porter# 5-9, 185 N. Mex Military Top 101
Oregon St. has offered
per Porter. He's won't get 
out until August.
RB Sherron Moore# 6-1, 210 NW Mississippi May be forced D2 or late qualifier.
RB Mathus Gill 5-11, 244 Blinn Ark.-Pine Bluff (visiting).
Others may be interested, but
Gill is a May grad.
RB Jonathan Combs 5-11, 240 Tyler Likely D2; academics.
RB Rayvon Johnson 5-11, 190 West Hills Worth the wait for a D1.
Late summer grad likely.
RB Robert Thomas 6-0, 190 Bakersfield Stud but likely D2.
RB Craig Duppong 5-10, 195 Joliet Mostly D2 interest.
Standout of conference.
RB Brandon Fischer 5-10, 215 Santa Ana Just getting calls now.
Could play FB
or RB. 
RB Antowain Vaughns 5-9, 175 Monterey Pen.
RB Brandy Russell 5-10, 200 LA Harbor Utah St. (tripped),
Montana (tripped),
RB Chourse Young 6-1, 220 Itawamba 1AA and some
second level 1A.
RB Ron Cruz 6-1, 230 Mendocino
RB Mike Kitchen 5-10, 190 Lackawanna G. Tech bounceback.
Cincy, Buffalo, others
have shown interest.
RB Curtis Hathcock 5-10, 175 SUNY-Canton 1AA and D2 so far.
FB Ronnie Ricks 5-9, 233 NE Mississippi Arkansas very interested
FB Johnnie Bizzell 6-0, 240 NE Okla. No trips yet.
Alabama St., 
W. Kentucky so far.
FB Luke Rowley 6-1, 240 Riverside Outstanding prospect
who should get 1A
Few looks going
his way right now.
FB John Willits 6-1, 205 Chabot Great hands;
975 yds. rushing.
Awaiting looks.
RB Damarcus Ingram 5-10, 210 Shasta San Jose St. possible
RB Reymon Murphy 5-10, 175 San Jose CC San Jose St. would like
him to come.
Florida native. 
RB Kenneth Thomas 6-1, 230 Victor Valley 1st Team All-Foothill Conference.
Not getting looks.
Great prospect for
one-back offense.
RB DeAndra Cobb 5-11, 185 Antelope Valley Tripped Baylor.
Will have some 1A opportunities.
Elusive playmaker.
1st Team All-Foothill Conf.
RB Kyran Jones 6-1, 185 Scottsdale Idaho St. likely.
Ariz. State bounceback.
Prep superstar; was in rotation at 
Scottsdale with 3 other RBs.
RB Rashad Philips 5-9, 190 Jones Co. Jitterbug type.
Great speed.
Could be real 
sleeper for someone.


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