RECRUITING: Offensive Linemen

RECRUITING LIST: offensive linemen. Updated 2/2. The following is a list of junior college offensive linemen, who are being recruited by four-year colleges. Some, as noted, have already committed to or signed midyear with a four-year school. We will expand the list as more information becomes available. An * indicates known midyear transfer eligibility while # indicates late or summer qualifier.


OL Clint Werth 6-5, 296 Garden City Top 101
Colorado commit
OL Peni Holakeituia 6-5, 310 Ricks Top 101
Kansas State commit.
De-committed Arizona.
OL Trevor Hutton* 6-2, 290 Allan Hancock Top 101
Utah St. signee
OL Tim Fa'aita 6-2, 300 CC of San Fran. Top 101
Ariz. State commit
OL Ron Green 6-6, 300 Dixie St. Top 101
Rutgers commit
OL Ryan Morris 6-6, 300 Palomar Top 101
UNLV commit
OL Jake Chavira 6-3, 290 Cerritos Top 101
Utah State commit.
OL Howard Brissette 6-5, 305 Chaffey Top 101
Missouri commit
OL Ben Culp 6-4, 300 NE Okla. Top 101
S Miss. commit
OL Justin Arrington 6-3, 305 Laney Top 101
San Jose St. signee
OL J.J. Martin 6-5, 300 Fresno CC Top 101
Fresno St. commit
OL Kawika Edwards 6-5, 295 Santa Rosa Fresno St. commit
OL Jerry Spencer* 6-4, 300 East Central (MS) Top 101
Louisville signee
OL Cade McMullin 6-4, 280 Ricks Top 101
BYU walk on.
Offered by Boise St.
OL Jesse Keaulana-Kamakea 6-3, 285 CC of San Fran. Kansas State commit
OL Manuel Dixon* 6-4, 295 Georgia Military Miss. State signee
OL Steve Sanchez 6-4, 290 C. of Sequoias Missouri commit.
UCLA bounceback.
OL Gene Perry 6-4, 290 E. Mississippi Arkansas commit
OL Corey Whitaker 6-4, 300 NE Miss. UAB commit
OL David Ashkinaz* 6-4, 305 DeAnza Central Florida signee
OL Joe Blackard 6-7, 325 C. of the Canyons Central Florida commit
OL Al Cummins 6-2, 285 E. Mississippi UAB commit
OL Josh Verhoeve 6-3, 275 Southwestern Kent State signee
OL Matt Raivio 6-1, 290 Foothill N. Arizona commit
OL Jason Hicks Sierra Portland State commit
OL David Davis* 6-5, 285 Itawamba Memphis signee
OL Gerald Sykes* 6-3, 300 Palomar San Diego St. commit
OL Noah Washington 6-3, 305 DuPage N. Illinois commit
OL Matt Lamatsch* 6-7, 310 Butler Co. Arizona signee
OL James Maxwell* 6-3, 300 Snow Tennessee St. commit
OL Mike Weiner 6-5, 260 Highland Kansas State commit
OL Elliott Tupea* 6-3, 305 Dixie St. San Jose St. signee
OL Jeff Gordon* 6-5, 295 Iowa Central San Jose St. signee
OL Sam Hall 6-4, 275 Navarro Okla. State commit
OL Travis McGee 6-2, 290 CC of San Francisco Cincinnati commit
OL Greg Vandermade* 6-3, 291 C. of the Canyons Utah State signee
OL Nick Penalosa 6-5, 300 LA Harbor SDSU over Iowa St. 
for the commit
OL Brian Cavanaugh 6-3, 300 West Valley Syracuse commit
OL Jason Lehman 6-4, 315 Cerritos South Florida commit
OL Steve Church* 6-1, 271 Shasta Nevada signee
OL Brandon Hooks* 6-3, 290 Blinn North Texas commit
OL Jon Zweygardt 6-3, 304 Garden City SW Missouri St. signee
OL Collin Menard 6-5, 310 Iowa Central Iowa St. commit
OL Joey Lippo* 6-4, 325 Dodge City Temple signee
OL Jesus Yanez* 6-2, 298 Pasadena Bowling Green signee
OL Vardan Mkhitarian 6-3, 285 Pasadena Bowling Green signee
OL Ira Horyna 6-3, 300 Coffeyville N. Texas commit
OL Ryan Lilja 6-3, 305 Coffeyville K-State commit
OL Brent Bridges 6-3, 265 Glendale (AZ) Oregon St. commit
OL Dorsey Mitchell 6-6, 320 Compton San Jose St. commit
OL Jamaul Mason 6-0, 272 Blinn SW Texas commit
OL Edrick Contreras 6-2, 305 Palomar Louisville commit
OL Matt Ryan 6-4, 290 Mt. San Jacinto Northern Arizona commit
OL Williams Sanders West Hills Youngstown St. signee
OL Lewis Areyan 6-4, 300 El Camino Arizona St. commit
OL James Parham 6-4, 325 Grossmont Texas A&M-
Kingsville commit
C Lloyd Wilson* 6-3, 295 Cerritos E. Michigan signee
OL Ibraham Dix* 6-0, 300 Glendale (Calif.) Kentucky St. signee.
Bounceback from
OL Gabe Guzman 6-4, 315 Fullerton S. Dakota St. signee
OL Zach Barnes Fresno CC S. Diego St. commit
OL John McKinley 6-0, 295 Coffeyville Washburn commit
OL Paul Dolinsky C. of the Canyons Portland St. commit
OL Donald Preston 6-4, 330 Nassau NC A&T commit
OL Robert Jenkins 6-4, 300 Nassau Virginia commit
Freshman qualifier.
OL Darrius Livingston 6-4, 300 Jones Co. La. Tech commit
OL William Sanders West Hills Youngstown St. commit
OL Curtis James SD Mesa Iowa St. commit
OL Mike Hmoud SD Mesa Iowa St. commit
OL Luis Frausto Fullerton S Dakota commit


OL Rino Sangro 6-6, 317 Hudson Valley Now recovered from injury (9/22).
Florida Atlantic.
Was 1A before injury;
Should get some looks.
OL Lester Brown 6-6, 300 Victor Valley Baylor, La. Tech,
N Mex St. (tripped).
Leaning La. Tech.
Moves real well
for size.
OL Jason Cadena 6-2, 325 Ranger (TX) Can play either DL/OL.
Getting some D2 & 1AA
looks. Spring grad.
C Brian Berkefeld 6-0, 290 LA Pierce 2 x All-Conference.
Pierce has no staff, so
kids are recruiting for
themselves. Good athlete.
OL Joey Maiale 6-5, 290 LA Pierce All-Conference player.
Seeking looks right now.
Team captain.
OL Kimani Jones 6-4, 300 Miss. Delta Top 101
Several 1A options.
OL Jon Hawk 6-5, 310 Garden City Top 101
May quit football.
Two-time All-Conf.
OL Nathan LaRue Tyler Nichols St. (offer)
OL Ryan Souza 6-3, 310 Modesto Lots of looks; 1A.
OL Fred Garrido 6-4, 285 Morrisville Syracuse looking.
OL Brandon Lockheart 6-7, 330 Santa Monica Top 101
Many options.
Oregon St. leads
per one source.
OL Damian Holman 6-6, 310 Palomar Top 101
SDSU leads 
Cal and
Iowa State
OL Jason Baksas* 6-8, 280 Mesa Miami (no offer), 
Baylor is serious,
OL Brad Lekkerkerker 6-7, 300 Chaffey Clock forces D2.
UC-Davis a 
strong possibility.
OL Cory Lekkerkerker 6-5, 285 Chaffey Okla. St. (offer).
But UC-Davis likely.
OL Jackie Wang 6-4, 290 Tyler Decided to stick
around through May.
Should go D1.
OL Cody Horton 6-4, 320 Hutchinson Top 101
W. Illinois, SW Missouri,
SMU (will make unofficial trip),
hoping for Houston or
OL Randy Cornejo* 6-3, 305 LA Valley Can play guard
or tackle.
Runs well.
Several MAC schools
looking hard.
OL Anthony Colton Middle Georgia Kent St.,
Louisville (may trip)
OL Kyle Watkins 6-8, 320 Tyler Iowa State (offered), 
Central Florida
OL Jordan Lang 6-6, 303 Garden City Midlevel 1A and 1AA
OL Don Pitt 6-3, 295 Scottsdale San Jose St. (Jan. trip),
Houston (Jan. trip),
S. Miss. (trip 1/27).
OL Omar Beyah Lackawanna Delta St., Charleston Southern,
Rutgers possible
OL Ryan Van Wave 6-2, 265 Glendale (AZ) SW Missouri (trip)
OL Late Bankouadagba 6-2, 280 W. Los Angeles Nevada, Alabama St.,
Idaho, Utah were
 some showing 
interest. Could be
a prof. rapper, too.
Music or football?
OL Kert Turner 6-4, 295 Kilgore D2
Tarleton St., others
C Troy Denerson 6-4, 285 Glendale (CA) 2 x All-Conference.
Buffalo, N Ariz.,
NC State, others.
OL Thomas Herrion# 6-4, 340 Kilgore Iowa, Utah,
La. Tech, and
W. Va. One
source says
Utah and La. Tech
OL Dwain Clark 6-5, 285 NW Miss. Marshall (visit)
OL Brian Smith 6-3, 320 NE Miss. Marshall, Miss. St., UAB,
Memphis, others
OL Yancy Reynolds, III 6-3, 320 Georgia Military Kentucky (tripped/offer)
Louisville on
him strong.
OL Randy Lamberth* 6-4, 300 Modesto Akron (1/11),
Rutgers, SDSU, SJSU.
OK to transfer midyear
per Clearinghouse.
OL Micajah Hopkins 6-3, 350 Hartnell Idaho State is serious
OL Juan Leyva 6-5, 275 Hartnell Idaho State is serious
OL Justin Nixon 6-5, 290 Santa Rosa All-conf. &
2x2 at D1.
Great pass pro.
Plays on team w/o
TE, so uses wide
6 techniques.
OL Wes Amitoelau 6-5, 330 Dixie St. Arizona 
1x1 at 1A or 
2x2 at D2.
OL Aqua Etefia 6-2, 300 West Hills Very strong.
Runs well and
is athletic.
OL P.J. Green 6-1, 275 West Hills Converted TE.
Pulls well, zone
step, and strong
in the legs. Good
pass pro skills.


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