RECRUITING: Defensive Tackles

RECRUITING LIST: Defensive Tackles. Updated 2/2. The following is a list of junior college interior defensive linemen, who are being recruited by four-year colleges. Some, as noted, have already committed to or signed midyear with a four-year school. We will expand the list as more information becomes available. An * indicates known midyear transfer eligibility while # indicates late or summer qualifier.


DT Ryan Boschetti* 6-4, 285 San Mateo Top 101
UCLA signee
DT Chris Solomona 6-5, 285 El Camino Top 101
Arizona or Wash.
DT Eddie Brown 6-3, 295 Blinn Top 101
San Jose St. commit
DT Scott Young* 6-5, 300 Dixie St. Top 101
BYU signee
DT Demarcus Johnson 6-4, 285 SW Mississippi Top 101
Central Florida commit
DT Lance Carson 6-4, 265 Garden City Top 101
Okla. State commit
DT Alan Holloway 6-2, 275 Nassau Top 101
NC State commit
DT Jermaine Berry* 6-0, 290 Butler Co. Top 101
Kansas State commit
DT Willie Page# 6-5, 285 Jones Co. Top 101
S. Mississippi commit
DT Carl Tuitavuiki 6-4, 325 Ricks Top 101
BYU commit 
over Arizona
DT Loa Emmsley 6-3, 280 Fresno CC Top 101
Boise St. commit
DT Atiyyah Ellison 6-5, 295 Coffeyville Top 101
Missouri commit
DT Roy Williams 6-2, 270 SW Mississippi Top 101
Central Florida commit
DT Jimmy Williams 6-4, 310 Pasadena Mistakenly left off 
Top 101 list.
Va. Tech,
or S Carolina.
DT Shawn Tidwell 6-3, 290 Ricks Bucknell signee
DT Nick Mangosing* 6-5, 300 Phoenix N. Mex. State signee
DT Asora Tuiaana# 6-2, 290 Mt. San Antonio Minnesota-Mankato
Dominated at times.
Gets out in summer.
DL Patrice Majondo-Mwamba 6-3, 275 Hartnell Texas Tech signee
DT Devian Mims* 6-1, 305 Tyler La. Tech signee
DT Lavell Mann* 6-2, 285 Long Beach CC Colorado State signee
over Kentucky and
San Diego St.
DT Joe Oniwar 6-3, 300 Cerritos UNLV commit
DT Shaun Siaki* 6-5, 250 Mesa (AZ) UNLV commit
Tremendous upside.
DT Casey Hamilton* 6-1, 275 Kilgore New Mexico signee
DT Bernard Godfrey* 6-3, 305 Dodge City S. Miss signee
DT John Feaster 6-2, 275 Pearl River Cincinnati commit
DT Josh Veal 6-5, 290 Shasta Houston commit
DT Adrian Stargell 6-1, 285 Hutchinson C. Missouri commit
DT Matt Ryan 6-3, 275 Mt. San Jacinto N. Arizona commit
DT Cody Ballard 6-3, 265 Bakersfield SDSU commit
DT Curtis Robinson 6-3, 320 Scottsdale SDSU commit
DT Frederico Samuel Mt. San Antonio Iowa St. signee
Sat out 2001.
DT Will Goff* Riverside Tulsa signee
DT Andy Bulman 6-3, 290 LA Valley K-State commit
Sat out 2001.
Bounceback from
Syracuse where
he played OL.
DT Shane Jones 6-3, 280 Sacramento CC Ariz. State commit
DT Kevin Kline 6-3, 275 Santa Rosa Cal Poly SLO
Could have 
gone 1A or 1AA
DT Zach Ville 6-2, 270 West Hills Missouri commit


DT Jason Jones 6-4, 325 Pasadena NC State in hunt.
2x2 eligibility.
Toledo and Idaho
like him.
Some recruiting
as OT, others 
as DT.
DT Teron Brown 5-9, 255 Pasadena Nose guard.
Tripping Idaho
and they'll offer.
Converted FB.
4.7 forty and
450 BP.
DT John Duggan 6-7, 275 Dodge City Purdue bounceback.
Nobody going hard on him yet.
DT Marquis Johnson# 6-2, 285 Dodge City Miami placed him, but
he's open to all comers.
Graduates end of summer.
DT Robert Singerman 6-2, 280 W Los Angeles Florida A&M and
N Mexico showing interest
DT Joe Taylor 6-2, 275 Highland E Carolina, N Mexico
were interested
but dropped him.
Good prospect
looking for options.
DT Darren Carr 6-4, 275 Bakersfield Idaho, SDSU, others
DT Jonathan Fanene 6-5, 280 College of the Canyons BYU (offered)
or Hawaii
DT Andy Endermann 6-3, 275 College of the Canyons Hawaii likely.


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