JC Grid-Wire Top 25 (11-23-04)

SANTA ANA, Ca.  The top five teams in this week's J.C. Grid-Wire rankings are so tightly bunched together they look like they should be on a banana boat.  San Francisco clings to a narrow lead for first-place, but any of the next four could easily be perched on top when the season's bowl and playoff flurry ends.

Two of the five will drop out of contention this weekend after Grossmont and College of the Canyons mix it up in Canyon Country and Butler tangles with Pearl River in Coffeyville's Dalton's Defender Bowl.

J.C. Grid-Wire Top Twenty-Five Teams

Rank, School (W-L), Last Ranking, Weekend Scores

1. SAN FRANCISCO (10-0) Last: 1
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Will play Fresno for NorCal title.

2. BUTLER (11-0) Last: 2
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Will play Pearl River for NJCAA title.

3. PEARL RIVER (11-0) Last: 3
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Will play Butler for NJCAA title.

4. COLLEGE OF CANYONS (11-0) Last: 4
Weekend: BLANKED EL CAMINO 21-0. Next up is Grossmont at Canyons.

5. GROSSMONT (11-0) Last: 5
Weekend: CLOCKED CHAFFEY 26-8. Next up is Canyons.

6. SADDLEBACK (10-0 Last: 6
Weekend: STOPPED MT. SAN ANTONIO 21-18. Next up is Long Beach.

7. KILGORE (9-1) Last: 7
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Their final opponent will be Pima.

8. SAN JOAQUIN DELTA (9-2) Last: 12
Weekend: BATTERED BUTTE 42-33. Season over.

9. SIERRA (10-0) Last: 9
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Next up is Chabot.

10. SCOTTSDALE (9-1) Last: 10
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Coffeyville is on the docket for SCC Artichokes.

11. COFFEYVILLE (9-2) Last: 13
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Will face Scottsdale in bowl.

12. FRESNO (8-2) Last: 14
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Playing 'Frisco for NorCal title.

13. DIXIE STATE (9-2) Last: 16
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Next up is Grand Rapids.

14. BUTTE (9-2) Last: 8
Weekend: LOST TO SAN JOAQUIN DELTA 42-33. Season over.

15. GRAND RAPIDS (9-1) Last: 17
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Heading to Dixie State.

16. HINDS (9-2) Last: 19
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Season finished.

17. BLINN (8-2) Last: 20
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Getting ready to play Jones Co. in bowl.

18. CHAFFEY (9-2) Last: 11
Weekend: LOST TO GROSSMONT 26-7. Season over.

19. EL CAMINO (9-2) Last: 15
Weekend: LOST TO CANYONS 21-0. Season over.

20. MT. SAN ANTONIO (8-3) Last: 18
Weekend: LOST TO SADDLEBACK 21-18. Season over.

21. CHABOT (8-2) Last: NR
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Will face Sierra in bowl.

22. NORTHWEST MISS. (7-2) Last: 22
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Season over.

23. FOOTHILL (8-3) Last: 25
Weekend: SACKED SAN MATEO 48-28. Season over.

24. WM. RAINEY HARPER (9-2) Last: 21
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Sesaon over.

25. MONTEREY PENINSULA (10-1) Last: 25
Weekend: DEFEATED SOLANO 35-28. Great season is complete.

Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Preparing to face Blinn.

TIE MESABI RANGE (9-1) Last: 25
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Season over.

TIE  ROCHESTER (9-2) Last: 24
Weekend: DID NOT PLAY. Heading to Snow for bowl.


Tyler, 8-3; Pima 8-3; Citrus 7-3; N.E. Miss 7-3; Fullerton 7-4; Reedley 7-4; Long Beach 7-4 


FRESNO @ SAN FRANCISCO (Hawaiian Punch Bowl, winner to state championship game on Dec. 11); Butler vs. Pearl River (Dalton Defenders Bowl in Coffeyville); Grossmont @ Canyons (2nd round Socal playoffs); Long Beach @ Saddleback (2nd round Socal playoffs); Pima vs. Kilgore (Pilgrim's Pride Bowl  Mt. Pleasant, Tex.); Sierra vs. Chabot (Capital Shrine Bowl in Sacramento); Coffeyville  vs. Scottsdale (Valley of the Sun Bowl @ Phoenix Coll.); Grand Rapids @ Dixie State, Dixie Rotary Bowl); Jones County vs. Blinn, (Golden Isle Bowl, Brunswick, GA); Rochester vs. Snow (Zions Bank Top of the Mountain Bowl, Salt Lake City)


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