Calif. Title Game Gallery

The game was played way back on December 11, 2004, but we never published our photos. This is our photo gallery from the game. It primarily consists of player photos and post-game celebrations. Enjoy! Sorry for it being so late.


The Setting: A Foggy Mineral King Bowl in Visalia, Calif.

The Field at the Mineral King Bowl Was Not of the Green Variety

CCSF LB Alex Toeaina

CCSF OL Bryce MacMartin

CCSF OL Taase Jennings

CCSF Offensive Line Gets a Talking To

Canyons OT James Paulk

The Future of Canyons' OL is Frosh James Maddox

Canyons Defensive Lineman Dennis Ellis

Canyons Defensive End Tomi Halai - the game's defensive MVP.

CCSF Fans in a Fog

CCSF Wide Receiver Lavelle Hawkins

Three of CCSF's Offensive Weapons: Joe Ayoob, Lavelle Hawkins, and Ruben Jackson

CCSF DE Thomas Patton

Canyons Freshman CB Ja Vonte' Holmes Had an Incredible INT

Canyons Cornerback Kris Theus

Canyons Cornerback Roshawn "Ro" Marshall

CCSF All-American Linebacker Desmond Bishop

Canyons TE Jason Lance Was the Game's First-Half Offensive MVP

David Stanton Stepped Up for Canyons' DL

One of Canyons' Leading Tackles, Fr. LB Joey LaRocque, Was Hurt and Couldn't Play

Canyons LB Jerrod Perry Was a Force All Day

The 2004 California State Championship Game Trophies

Canyons Head Coach Chuck Lyon Rides on His Team's Shoulders with the Trophy

Canyons Strength and Conditioning Coach Robert Dos Remedios with DL Dennis Ellis

Joe Ayoob Had an Amazing Game at QB for CCSF, and Earned an MVP Trophy

Tomi Halai, Canyons' Fleet-Footed DE, Won Defensive MVP Honors

Canyons QB Cory Miles Won the Game MVP Trophy

DL Dennis Ellis and OT James Paulk Share a Happy Moment After the Game

The Entire Canyons Team Shared a Prayer of Thanks After the Game

Hail to the Victors

Congratulations to Canyons on a 14-0 Season. Sharing a Final Group Moment in 2004.





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