2002 Proposed Northern Cal. Schedule (Weeks 7-11)

Here is a preliminary look at the 2002 football schedule for the Northern California Football Association. The Association has been re-leagued, with the creation of a new NorCal Conference and the restructuring of several other conferences. In addition, Northern California wecomes the return of Solano College's football program, as well as the addition of football at Feather River College. Here is a look at the prosposed schedule for 2002 in Northern California.


Week #7
Week #8
Nov. 1-2
Week #9
Nov. 8-9
Butte Foothill (A) Sacramento Redwoods
Chabot Sacramento Redwoods (A) CCSF (A)
Foothill Butte CCSF Sacto. (A)
Redwoods CCSF (A) Chabot Butte (A)
Sacramento Chabot (A) Butte (A) Foothill
San Francisco Redwoods Foothill (A) Chabot
Fresno West Hills (A) Sequoias Modesto (A)
Merced Modesto West Hills Reedley (A)
Modesto Merced (A) Reedley Fresno
Reedley Sequoias (A) Modesto (A) Merced
Sequoias Reedley Fresno (A) West Hills (A)
West Hills Fresno Merced (A) Sequoias
Diablo Valley San Jose West Valley (A) Laney
Laney West Valley Los Medanos DIiablo V.(A)
Los Medanos San Mateo Laney (A) San Jose (A)
San Jose Diablo V. (A) San Mateo (A) Los Medanos
San Mateo Los Med. (A) San Jose West Valley
West Valley Laney (A) Diablo V. San Mateo(A)
American River Siskiyous Yuba (A) Santa Rosa
S.J. Delta Yuba (A) Shasta (A) Siskiyous
Santa Rosa Shasta Siskiyous (A) ARC (A)
Shasta Santa Rosa(A) SJ Delta Yuba
Siskiyous ARC (A) Santa Rosa SJ Delta (A)
Yuba SJ Delta ARC Shasta (A)
Contra Costa Sierra (A) Mendocino Solano
Feather River Marin (A) Solano (A) Sierra
Marin Feather River Sierra (A) Mendocino
Mendocino Solano CCC (A) Marin (A)
Sierra Contra Costa Marin Feath Riv (A)
Solano Menocino (A) Feather River CCC (A)
Cabrillo Monterey (A) BYE Hartnell (A)
DeAnza Gavilan (A) Monterey BYE
Gavilan DeAnza Hartnell (A) Monterey
Hartnell BYE Gavilan Cabrillo
Monterey Peninsula Cabrillo DeAnza (A) Gavilan (A)


Week #10
Week #11
Butte Chabot (A) CCSF
Chabot Butte Foothill (A)
Foothill Redwoods (A) Chabot
Redwoods Foothill Sacto.
Sacramento CCSF Redwoods (A)
San Francisco Sacramento (A) Butte (A)
Fresno Merced (A) Reedley
Merced Fresno Sequoias (A)
Modesto Sequoias (A) West Hills
Reedley West Hills Fresno (A)
Sequoias Modesto Merced
West Hills Reedley (A) Modesto (A)
Diablo Valley San Mateo LMC (A)
Laney San Jose (A) San Mateo
Los Medanos West Valley Diablo V.
San Jose Laney West Valley (A)
San Mateo Diablo V. (A) Laney (A)
West Valley Los Med. (A) San Jose
American River Shasta SJ Delta (A)
S.J. Delta Santa Rosa(A) ARC
Santa Rosa SJ Delta Yuba
Shasta ARC (A) Siskiyous (A)
Siskiyous Yuba (A) Shasta
Yuba Siskiyous Santa Rosa(A)
Contra Costa Feather River(A) Marin
Feather River Contra Costa Mendocino (A)
Marin Solano (A) Contra Costa(A)
Mendocino Sierra Feather River
Sierra Mendocino (A) Solano
Solano Marin Sierra (A)
Cabrillo Gavilan DeAnza
DeAnza Hartnell Cabrillo (A)
Gavilan Cabrillo (A) BYE
Hartnell DeAnza (A) Monterey (A)
Monterey Peninsula Bye Hartnell




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