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Greg Croshaw and his Dixie State Rebels might well be participating in their final year of JC football. The Utah school is slated to go 4-year, Division II, in 2006. The Rebs are consistently picked to be one of the top-5 JC teams in the nation and there doesn't seem to be any logical reason to change that thinking for 2005.

No reason except there are at least seven other schools sprinkled around the country that have the same thought. San Francisco has won three of the last five titles; Canyons is defending champion; Butler has been on top twice since 1998;  Pearl River captured the NJCAA trophy last year;  Saddleback is always there or thereabouts, along with Grossmont and Butte. Croshaw has J.C. Grid-Wire All-Amerian, J.T. Diedrichs, a 6-1, 220 power runner who has 1553 yards and 21 TDs to his credit, plus a powerful bank of defenders, headed by linebackers Misi Tupe and Gene Fakatoumafi, to go with 10 returning starters and 25 lettermen.

J.C. Grid-Wire Top Twenty-Five Teams

Rank, School, 2004 (W-L), 2004 Final Ranking, Comments

1. DIXIE STATE (10-2), Last Rank: 11 Comments: Last chance for Rebels before going 4-year.

2. C.C. SAN FRANCISCO (11-1) Last Rank: 3 Comments: Won 3 of last 5 national titles and looking for more.

3. COLLEGE OF CANYONS (14-0) Last Rank: 1 Comments: Canyons reloads. Could be 2 titles in row.

4. BUTLER (11-1) Last Rank: 4 Comments: 53-7 in last 5 years and have stuff to make it 63-7.

5. PEARL RIVER (12-0) Last Rank: 2 Comments: NJCAA champs still Have Jimmy Oliver at QB. Solid.

6. SADDLEBACK (11-2) Last Rank: 6 Comments: Watch out for Gauchos. McElroy's lads are loaded.

7. GROSSMONT (11-1) Last Rank: 5 Comments: Losses were heavy but reserves are deep, deep, deep.

8. BUTTE (9-2) Last Rank: 12 Comments: RB Webster Patrick returns with solid supporting cast.

9. SNOW (7-4) Last Rank: NR Comments: New coach may take a while to settle in.

10. LONG BEACH (7-5) Last Rank: NR Comments: Aces at skill positions.  QB Aispuro has great stats.

11. BLINN (9-2) Last Rank: 13 Comments: A scoring machine behind RB James Johnson.

12. EL CAMINO (8-3) Last Rank: 20 Comments: Warriors may crawl in to top-10.  S Nate Ness is a super.

13. COFFEYVILLE (10-2) Last Rank: 8 Comments: Ravens offense looks mighty awesome. Watch'em run.

14. FRESNO (8-3) Last Rank: 16 Comments: Maybe ranked too low, but Rams drop a couple each year.

15. GRAND RAPIDS (9-2) Last Rank: 17 Comments: Raiders loaded with 11 returning starters. Vet team.

16. COLLEGE OF SEQUOIAS (4-6) Last Rank: NR Comments: Upset pick of the year, but they are loading up.

17. MT. SAN ANTONIO (8-3) Last Rank: 21 Comments: Mounties could be top-10 team. Tough defense.

18. GEORGIA MILITARY (5-5) Last Rank: NR Comments: They'll play anyone, anywhere and usually win.

19. SCOTTSDALE (9-2) Last Rank: 15 Comments: Big comeback last year and more ahead in '05.

20. CHABOT (8-3) Last Rank: 24 Comments: Another surprise pick but Glads move up a notch.

21. SIERRA (11-0) Last Rank: 9 Comments: 29-game winning streak is working. More pressure.

22. NORTHWEST MISSISSIPPI (7-2) Last Rank: 23 Comments: Randy Pippin returns to JC ranks.

23. NASSAU (8-3) Last Rank: NR Comments: New Yorkers took a year off but they are back now.

24. TYLER (8-4) Last Rank: NR Comments: Apaches may be placed way too low. New HC.

25. CITRUS (7-3) Last Rank: 30  Comments: Owls are hovering on edges of Top -10.

26. FULLERTON (7-4) Last Rank: NR Comments: Hornets could be 8-2 or 4 and 6. Watch'em.

27. GLENDALE, Ariz. (6-4) Last Rank: NR Comments: Young team in '04 might be ready to pounce.

28. TRINITY VALLEY, Tex. (3-7) Last Rank: NR Comments: Same goes for TVC. Defense should be solid.

29. CHAFFEY (9-2) Last Rank: 18 Comments: Panthers must always be considered.

30. NE OKLAHOMA (4-5) Last Rank: NR Comments: Winningest JC team of all time, but not this year.

OTHERS:  Jones, Miss.;  Rochester, Minn;  Joliet, IL;  Bakersfield;  Moorpark;  Palomar;  San Joaquin Delta;  College of the Desert;  Allan Hancock; Iowa Central

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