Hank's Weekly Grid-Wire Notebook

The weekly Grid-Wire notebook for September 6, 2005, includes the 2005 Winningest Active JC Coaches list, coaching changes, some of the top performances from around the country, and a good list of game summaries from the weekend.



1. KEN SWEARINGEN, SADDLEBACK/EL CAMINO/DESERT   , 258-88-9, 34 yrs., 74.7%

2. JOHN ELIASIK, WM. RAINEY HARPER, IL., 242-115-3, 34 yrs., 67.7

3. GEORGE RUSH, SAN FRANCISCO, 224-74-0,  28 yrs., 75.1

4. BOB MACDOUGALL, JOLIET, IL., 217-81-4, 28 yrs., 72.8

5. GREG CROSHAW, DIXIE STATE, UT., 205-54   -1, 23, 79.1

    BRENT CARDER, ANTELOPE VALLEY, 187-163-6, 35, 53.4

7. FRANK MAZZOTTA, CERRITOS, 174-104-6, 27, 62.5

8. JAMES BITTNER, MOORPARK, 170-97-2, 26, 63.6

9. STAN PETERS, LANEY, 169-135-2, 31, 55.5

10. JOHN FEATHERSTONE, EL CAMINO, 143-69-2, 20, 67.4

11. DAVE JORDAN, GROSSMONT, 135-89-9, 22, 60.2

12. CRAIG RIGSBEE, BUTTE, 130-29-2, 15, 81.7

13. JOHN ANSELMO, NASSAU, NY, 118-30-0, 14, 79.7

14. VAN BOSCHETTI, LOS MEDANOS, 109-116-2, 22, 48.4

15. MARTY ALLEN   , HIGHLAND, KS., 109-121-2, 24, 47.3

16. LLOYD DANZEISEN, FERGUS FALLS, MN., 102-92-1, 22, 52.5

17. MICHAEL WHITE, REEDLEY, 101-132-1, 24, 43.3

HENRY WASHINGTON, L.A. SOUTHWEST, 97-123-4, 21 yrs., 44.0%

JOE KERSTING, GLENDALE, AZ., 95-43-2, 14, 68.8

MARSHALL SPERBECK, FOOTHILL, 91-46-0, 13, 66.4  

PARKER DYKES, JONES CO., MS., 89-46-1, 13, 65.9

TONY LEWIS, MERCED, 80-86-1, 16, 48.1

CARL BEACH, CHAFFEY, 77-21-0, 9, 78.5

TONY CAVIGLIA, FRESNO, 77-24-0, 9, 76.2

STEVE COX, CABRILLO, 74-69-0, 15, 51.7

MARK DUDA, LACKAWANNA, PA., 73-33-0, 11, 68.8


LARRY OWENS, SAN MATEO, 72-61-2, 13, 54.1

JOHN CICUTO, GLENDALE, 70-71-2, 14, 49.6

JEFF LEIKER, COFFEYVILLE, KS., 68-23-0, 9, 74.7


JOHN VRAA, RIDGEWATER, MN, 64-42-0, 12, 60.3

CHUCK LAWRENCE, NAVARRO, TX., 62-76-0, 13, 44.9

KEITH SIMONS, SANTA ROSA, 61-35-0, 9, 63.5

KEVIN TWAIT, IOWA CENTRAL, 60-35-0, 9, 63.1

GENE MURPHY, FULLERTON, 60-64-2, 12, 48.3 


TROY MORRELL, BUTLER, KS., 53-7-0, 5 yrs., 88.3%

RETIREMENTS and advancements have taken four of the coaches who appeared on this page in 2004. Venerable Bobby Franklin, NORTHWEST MISSISSIPPI for the past 23 years, retires with a record of 201-56-6, which isn't too shabby. Ray Shackleford, who came out of retirement once before at GOLDEN WEST had his team cruising pretty well but illness forced him to give up the battle to Alex Gerke at mid-season. Ray went 164-137 for 31 and one half seasons. Bill Fisk, whose MT. SAN ANTONIO team won the J.C. GRID-WIRE National Championship in 1997, hangs'em up with a 126-64-2 log in 18 years. Roger Kelly has departed SEQUOIAS (80-83-1) in 17 years and is now assisting Jeff Chudy on the BAKERSFIELD staff. Dale Carr, TYLER, leaves for 4-year duty with 66-31 record. 

COACHING CHANGES – Titan Trimble takes over at SNOW for Jeff Kilts. James Pryor is new head man at ARIZONA WESTERN as Bob O'Mera leaves for EASTERN ARIZONA to coach with his son John. Mike Hourany for Jeff Scurran at PIMA; Jeff Lynn replaces John O'Mera at NEW MEXICO MILITARY; J.J. Eckert steps in at GARDEN CITY FOR Bob Larson; Marcus Garsteki for John Rossetti at DODGE CITY; Brad Franchione new at BLINN for Scott Maxfield, who went 4-year; John Bronk Green horst for Ken Stephens at RANGER; N.E. OKLAHOMA has a new head man in Rob Green replacing Steve Patterson; Jim Critchlow for Dale Carr at TYLER; Randy Pippin, former MIDDLE GEORGIA coach, takes over for Bobby Franklin at NW MISS. Lowell Searcy for Dennis Eastman at CENTRAL LAKES; Tom Martin for Bill McBride at ITASCA; Timothy Myles for Scott Brade at Rainey River; Oji Fagan for Bob JoJo, HUDSON VALLEY. IN CALIFORNIA Angelo Jackson for Cornell Ward at COMPTON (and yes, the school has the go-ahead for football this year): Reuben Ale at EAST L.A. for Rick Gamboa; Andrew Alviller at L.A. HARBOR for Steve Schmitz; Carl Finley at MARIN for Tim Adams; Bob Jastrab for Fisk at MT. SAN ANTONIO; Dennis Gossard for Tom Maher at PASADENA; Mike Clemons replaces Gary Garabato at SACRAMENTO; Carlton Conner at SAN JOSE for Don Stagnaro; Eric Young at SISKIYOUS for Matt Sayre; Mike Pompa goes for a 2nd term at SOUTHWESTERN for Walt Justice.


Saw a couple of dandy games on the weekend in California:  Friday night special served up EL CAMINO at CITRUS. The game was actually played on the Azusa Pacific campus as Citrus Stadium was not quite finished with renovations. The final score was 42-32 favoring EL CO, but it was a lot closer than that.  Kevin Emerson's Citrus Owls, although a very young squad, showed plenty of ability and talent and surely will be a factor in the Western State Conference race.  Penalties and interceptions pretty much turned the tide for ECC, who got a pair of picks from All-American safety Nate Ness and 151 yards from running back Brian Flowers.  John Featherstone's Warriors are just solid, have an experienced QB in Don Poole, and a fine pair of receivers in Devin Adair and Marcel Reese. They deserve their No. 12 ranking.  The Owls' Dario Camacho matched Flowers as the two put on a clinic of two very speedy backs running around, through and over the opposition to daylight.  FS DelRay Yarbrough, 6-2, 180, WR Mike Williams, 6-2, 210, and Dario's brother Chris at CB were also impressive.

FULLERTON 31, BAKERSFIELD 26 – One heckuva ballgame between two super well-matched teams.  The lead kept exchanging hands and the ‘Gades were in Hornets territory trying to throw for a score at the end.  It was an amazing performance by FCC's Fr. Whiz Joseph Chapman, 5-10, 190, who hails from Towson, Md.  We had him rushing for 251 yards behind a bulky Hornets OL that appears to be good and deep.  OG Matt Gray is the real thing and we liked the looks of Fr. OT Garrett Falconer, 6-8, 300.  Mauricio Garcia kicked a difference-making 25-yard field goal and continually boomed his kick-offs into the end-zone. He had a couple of FG tries blocked.  On the Bakersfield side, QB Tom Peregrin was sensational with short, quick passes to WR Tajiddin Smith (10 for 166) and Tyrece Lee (8-133). Those lads are really sure-handed and speedy.  Peregrin connected on 26 of 46 tosses for 449 yards, 3 TDs and 3 picks and had the Renegades on the Hornets 20 when the game ended.  He was a threat to score on just about every play it seemed.  SS Bryant Mathews was impressive on defense and PK Jose Martinez, WOW.  He booted a 42-yard field goal and then topped it with a 52-yarder.  All of his kickoffs went high and deep.

SADDLEBACK 21, HANCOCK 14 –  This game was lots tighter than the Gauchos may have expected as Hancock was feisty to the end.  Saddleback RB Daniel Dixon, who transferred over from Cerritos (after breaking his leg last year in game one of his sophomore season), ripped off 201 yards in 31 efforts.  The last one to get 200 was Julio Peraza in 1998.  Pre-Season All-American P, Andrew Larson, boomed 4 for a 44.8 avg.

HANCOCK had 4 chances to tally in the dying seconds but they came up short.  WR Derek Sedin starred for the Bulldogs catching 5 passes for 157 yards and both scores.

SANTA ANA trailed 13-7 but came back for a resounding 59-26 defeat of COMPTON.  Kaleo Igarta rushed for 136 yards on just 12 carries and Daniel Morales passed for 3 TDs and rushed for another going 13 of 15.  DB Brandon Stiggers had a 49-yard punt return and 10 solo stops for the Tarters. 

GOLDEN WEST QB Joey Halzle went 25 of 55 for 229 yards and 1 TD in a 34-26 losing effort to SAN DIEGO MESA as Jacob Santos threw 29-, 45- and 25-yard TD passes.

LONG BEACH opened big with a 62-17 triumph over VENTURA. QB Alex Aispuro was 17 of 30 for 304 yards and 4 TDs, WR Stanley Franks caught 3 scoring tosses and LB Antonio Steele had 1.5 sacks and 10 solo stops.

SEQUOIAS QB Brent Schaeffer, a transfer from Tennessee where he started in 2004 as a freshman, made an impressive debut in 54-0 crushing of SAN JOSE.  He shared responsibility for a school record 6 TDs, passing for 4 (6 for 10, 207 yards) and rushing for 2 more (6 for 82).  WR Darius Passmore grabbed 3 for 130 and 2 TDs.

MT. SAN JACINTO QB Fr. Matt Ticich, 25 of 36 for 285 and 2 TDs and WR Chris Kehne caught 12 for 129 and 2 TDs in a 33-20 win over Pierce.

SOUTHWESTERN QB Robert Riggs was 17 of 23 for 289 and 4 TDs with WR Antuan Bloom catching 6 for 122 and 2 TDs.

GROSSMONT's Rugged defense was led by LB Matt Westrick, 6-2, 230, who intercepted a screen pass, forced a fumble, had 4 tackles and a 43-yard INT called back… plus DE Brian Stanbra, 6-5, 230, tallied 6 tackles and recovered a fumble and DB Terry Mixon, 6-1, 191, tallied 9 stops and had an INT wiped out.

MT. SAC's DE Elia Leau, 6-5, 240 was outstanding with 10 tackles.

CERRITOS QB Jeff Kline was 22 of 40 for 211 and rushed 10 times for 100 yards while teammate Rickey Reyes returned 4 KOs for 202 yards and caught 2 passes for 42. DE Dan Kuykendall (Oregon commit) had 11 tackles, 3 solo and 2 stops for losses.

VICTOR VALLEY DL Kristopher Randolph recorded 2 sacks, 4 hurries and 5 tackles vs. Santa Monica.

RIVERSIDE RB Richard Murrell ran 23 times for 121 yards with 1 TD in a 10-3 win over LASW.

NOTES:  Word came out of the MISSISSIPPI JC Conference today that they have suspended the 2005 football season until September 19. All teams will now play a seven-game schedule instead of the normal nine-game slate.

Rumors in the stands at the CITRUS game had it that RB Dario Camacho had already received a formal scholarship offer from Nebraska.

At GARDEN CITY they think they have an answer to well-named Dwayne Crutchfield, a 6-1 230 RB on the 1979 team, who could run over or through the opposition.  He signed with Iowa State and later played for the Giants in the NFL.  Out of Florida comes 6-2, 235-pound running back Dominique Rocker, who signed with Iowa State out of high school.  If the similarities run to talent the "Busters" will be on to something.

SAN MATEO set a new school rushing mark with 463 yards in their 21-14 victory over CHABOT.  QB Kevin Linnell had 13 carries for 103 yards and 1 TD.

SEQUOIAS had 611 total yards vs. SAN JOSE.

Word has it that John Eliasik of WILLIAM RAINEY HARPER is planning on retiring at the end of this season.  He is No. 2 on the all-time win list with 242.

HUTCHINSON was flagged for 20 penalties for 157 yards and had 6 turnovers in a 28-21 win over FORT SCOTT. It was the 15th straight loss for FS.  Meanwhile BUTLER has now won 26 straight conference tilts and 22 at home.

HARPER's QB Jared Dall went 23 of 35 for 253 and 4 scores in a 33-16 win over DuPAGE. DT Larry Luster had a pair of sacks and Jared Armstrong a 48-yard punting avg.

WR Reggie Smith, GRAND RAPIDS, caught 5 for 115 yards and 1 TD and returned 2 kickoffs 56 yards in a 35-12 verdict over ROCK VALLEY. Also, RB Leonard Curry carried 21 times for 142 yards and a TD while DT Andrew Bates had 8 tackles, including 2 for losses.

HUTCHINSON RB Brian Roulhac had 182 yards on 23 carries as the Dragons came from 14 down to beat Fort Scott 28-21.

DODGE CITY QB Omar Haugabook was 29 of 52 for 226 yards and one pick in a 24-14 loss to BUTLER.

COFFEYVILLE stomped HIGHLAND 83-19 behind RB Kedrick Smith and his10 carries for 166 yards and 2 TDs.

HUDSON VALLEY LB John Fuschino tallied 5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks while holding Hartwick JV to –2 total yards. HVCC won, 47-0.

HUTCHINSON QB Greg Menzer had 443 yards passing and 5 TDs in opening loss to DODGE CITY. 

Redshirt-freshman running back Eric Ransom, TRINITY VALLEY, had 264 yards rushing in the Cardinals' loss to BUTLER.

BLINN DE Alex Cook recorded 12 tackles and 3 sacks in a 56-8 win over Cisco and James Johnson ran 11 times for 122 yards and 2 TDs.


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