Foothill Conference Round-Up (Wk 3)

The Foothill Conference now has five ranked teams and some pretty impressive victories were racked up over the weekend. Two teams, Chaffey and Antelope Valley, remain winless but hope to turn things to the positive and pick up wins this weekend.


Grossmont (1-0 in conference, 2-1 overall) - Plays Southwestern. The Griffens where awful impressive in their 83-35 victory against Mt. San Jacinto. They now hold the number 5 ranking in the Southern California polls and the 83 points is a school record. QB Reilly Murphy has a 59 % completion rate along with 558-yards. He also has 6-TD's with 5-INTs.

"We just a have group of good kids," Griffen Coach Dave Jordan said. "They have each stepped up every week and things are just going right for us. We weren't trying to pour it on or anything. Things just went our way and we ended up with 83 points."

RB Kevin Smith had an impressive game by rushing for 127-yards on 13 carries, topped off by a 61-TD run. Overall, Smith has averaged 7.4-yards per game and has 2 TD's . In the same game WR Michael Omar had 5 catches for 155-yards and 3 TD's. But it is Mario Brunker who leads the team in receptions with 9 catches, 3 for touchdowns.

RB Derrell Hutsona also set a school record with a 98-yard kickoff return. 

Hosts Southwestern on Saturday, game time is 3 pm.

Desert (1-0, 2-1) - Plays Mt. San Jacinto. Desert defeated San Diego Mesa 49-27. The Roadrunners boast the top two rushers in the conference in AJ Scott and Anthony Hall. All Scott has done is average 108.7-yards per game and have 5-TD's while Hall averages 10.4-yards a carry and 1 TD. Hall also leads the conference in total yards with 189.3-yards.

As a team, the Roadrunners are second in the conference in rushing offense with 271-yards per game, 5.1 per carry and 10 rushing TD's.

"Our rushing attack has become a monster," Assistant coach Tim Hyde said. "Our backs have done very well and our offensive line has been doing a heck of a job. We are looking to do a good job this weekend."

Visits Mt. San Jacinto, game time is 1 pm.

Southwestern (1-0, 2-1) - Plays Grossmont. The Jaguars defeated Antelope Valley 43-7. RB Michael Byrd is averaging 64-yards a game, has 1 TD and is averaging 4.3-yards a carry. QB Robert Riggs is now second in the conference in passing, he is averaging 224.7-yards per game, he has 8 TD's and 3 INT's and has a 68% completion rating.

Riggs' favorite target has been WR Antuan Bloom who has 13 catches for 205-yards. This translates to 15.8-yards per catch and 2 TD's. WR Kevin Pike has also been a target for Riggs with 12 catches of his own and 11.9-yards and 1 TD.

The Jaguars are also the number one team in rushing defensive 73.3-yards per game and 2.3-yards per carry.

Visits Grossmont on Saturday, game time is 3 pm.

San Bernardino Valley (1-0, 2-1) - Bye. The Wolverines won a close one over Victor Valley 20-19. RB Kendick Harris is in the top-10 of conference rushers. He is averaging 61-yards per game with 2 TD's. QB Ryan Rising has done a serviceable job with  51% completion rate, averaging 145-yard per game average and 4 TD's with 3 TD's.

WR/TE Jason Hawkins is the leading receiver with 10 catches, 12.1-yards per carry and a TD. The Wolverines are third in team defense by giving up 5.1-yards per play and 334.3-yards per game.

This week, bye.

Chaffey (0-0, 0-2) – Plays Victor Valley. The Panthers had the conferences first bye but will return to action as they meet Victor Valley.

"I usually don't like the bye this early in the season," Chaffey coach Carl Beach said. "I feel a bye kills momentum. But we really have no momentum at this point. So the bye is really needed."

RB James Davis is averaging 47-yards per game and he has 2 TD's. QB Casey Hansen has a 32 % completion average, but no TD's and 5 INT's.

"We are looking forward to this game," Beach said. "Victor Valley will be ready to play and so will we."

Hosts Victor Valley on Saturday, game time is 5 pm.

Mt. San Jacinto (0-1, 2-1) - Plays Desert. The Eagles had their wings clipped by Grossmont 83-35. But are still one the of the best passing teams in the conference as Matt Ticich is the number one passer with a 297-yards per average, 58% completion average and 8 TD's and 3 INT's.

 The Eagles also have a solid group of wide receivers as Chris Kehne leads the conference with 19 catches and 240-yards. Jake Dieter and Pat Stearns have 11 catches each. Deiter has 220-yards and 3 TD's while Stearns has 194-yards and a TD.

"It was a tough game this week," Eagle Coach Ed Carberry said. "We hung with Grossmont for three quarters. But one quarter got away from us. But Grossmont is a good team and they showed it."

Overall the Eagles team passing offensive is the best in the conference at 328.3-yards and 9 TD's.

Hosts Desert on Saturday, game time is 1 pm.

San Diego Mesa (0-1, 1-2) - Plays Antelope Valley. The Olympians lost to Desert 49-27 last Saturday. QB Jake Santos is among the conference leaders with a 54% completion rate, 6 TD's. His targets have included Vertain Betofe, Phillip Gyulai, and Joel Albers. Betofe has been Santos' favorite target with 15 catches for 182-yards and a TD. Good enough for second in the conference. Right behind him is Gyulai who has 14 catches for 226-yards and 3 TD's. While Albers has 4 catches for 75-yards but has a TD.

Hosts Antelope Valley, game time is 5 pm.

Victor Valley (0-1, 1-2) - Plays Chaffey. The Rams lost a tough one to San Bernardino Valley 20-19. The RB corps of Antoine Randolph, Erik Hardeman, and Theodore Snodgrass have collected 300-yards per game average and 6 TD's good enough for first in the conference. Randolph has a team best 83.3-yards per game and 2 TD's. Hardeman  adds 70.5-yards per game and Snodgrass has averaged 41.7-yards per game.

"We really have a sold group of running backs," Coach Dave Hoover said. "The problem is getting to ball to all of them because we really want all of them to get their hands on it."

The Rams are leading the conference in defense by only giving up 245-yards, 4.4 yards per play and 9 TD's.

Visits Chaffey, game time is 5 pm.

Antelope Valley (0-1, 0-3) - Plays San Diego Mesa. The Marauders where defeated by Southwestern 43-7. QB John Taylor has a 44% completion rating and a 109.3-yards per game average. WR's Colt DeCasas and Milton Davis have emerged as Taylor's favorite targets. DeCasas has 10 catches for a 13.3 yards per catch average while Davis has 9 catches for a 12-yards per catch average. 

"I'm really pleased with our passing attack," Marauder coach Brent Carder said. "Taylor has showed improvement every week. Overall, it is that we need to put together a whole game and keep improving."

RB Dominic Cornelius leads the team in rushing with a 46.3 average and has one TD. 

Visits San Diego Mesa, game time is 5 pm.

Ric Rivas has been a free-lance sports writer for 13 years. He has written for the Antelope Valley Press and the Los Angeles Daily News covering high school sports.  He also wrote a Motorsports Column for the AV Press following the early careers of Ron Hornaday, Jr., Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch. He is proud to join the staff.

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