Three Visits Scheduled for Tretheway

College of San Mateo Offensive Lineman James Tretheway has a host of offers and has scheduled three official trips. The 6-foot-6 prospect is a December graduate and will have three years to play two beginning in the spring of '06.

Height: 6-6 Weight: 300
40 time: 5.25
Bench: 295     
Squat: 455
Clean: 285
Vertical: 26"
From: El Camino High School in San Francisco, California

As a freshman, at College of San Mateo, James Tretheway was named first team all-conference. As a senior, at El Camino High School in San Francisco, he was named second team all-conference. He does not believe he was ready for college coming out of high school. "We had no weight program at my high school and we didn't have much coaching, either," Tretheway explains. "I was definitely not ready to move on so I headed to San Mateo instead."

He grey-shirted in 2003, started his eligibility in College of San Mateo in 2004, and will graduate in December of 2005 with three years to play two. He is being recruited as an offensive guard and tackle. "Some schools like me at guard, others like me at tackle. I can play both positions so it doesn't matter to me where I end up at."

He has plenty of choices as far as colleges go. "I have offers from Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Oregon State, and Marshall. I do not have a favorite right now. I am going to Wisconsin on December 2nd and Arizona on December 9th. I am scheduled to go to Kansas State on November 19th but we may be in a Bowl game then so I might have to re-schedule. If I do have to, I will head there either the last weekend of November or on December 16th.

"Kansas State was the first school to really talk to me so that caught my interest right away. They have a good program and they play in a tough conference. They have a lot of young guys there so that makes it easier for me to challenge for a spot since they aren't too established.

"Arizona is more local since it is closer to me. It will be easier to fly home and it is a good school. I like the academics they offer. They also have two starting guards that are leaving so I can compete for a spot there."

Tretheway believes he has the tools to make an impact at the next level. "I have good speed for my size and I also have good feet. I have great explosion."


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