Laney's Stan Peters Goes Out a Winner

A terrific night in Oakland --- It was a well played game between two evenly matched teams, with a dramatic finish, sold out stadium, people standing along the aisles behind the top rows, and a memorable send off to Stan Peters, who is retiring after 40 years of coaching Laney football.

With the win Laney locks up the GGC championship and a bowl berth, I think they will be matched up against FRC or the Sierra/ ARC winner -- Laney played CCSF very tough, and had a one point loss to Los Medanos --otherwise a perfect season

The Game -- Chabot played very well, a few really tough breaks went against them that left points off the scoreboard, and Laney got two points on a returned PAT block. Laney lost their power back Frank Summers in the first half to a lower leg sprain, but got effective running from Sir Jade Pope and a balanced passing game from Houston Lillard. Laney led for most of the game but with 3:24 remaining Chabot went ahead 19-18 and pinned Laney deep on the ensuing kickoff and first series after it --the game turned when on 4th and 4, Laney RB Antoine Cokes, broke free for about 40 yards down the left sideline-- still Chabot hung tough, until Lillard connected over the middle for a winning TD with 45 seconds remaining. Final score: 24-19.

The Crowd --- Laney's stadium was upgraded a few seasons ago and its an almost perfect place to watch a night game -- except for some parking problems, they pull in really good crowds, tonight's was no exception -- Chabot brought a very large crowd and both teams were getting major support -the overall sportsmanship in the stands was matched by that on the field all night--- Laney deserves a lot of credit for upgrading the game experience for everyone, and making these home games a real community event. And Laney also has been these games televised, which is really boosting the Golden Gate Conference in the Bay Area.

The Coach --and of course, it is impossible to speak about Laney football without thinking about Stan Peters -- tonight Laney brought back around 35 alums who were introduced at halftime, some of these were NFL and major D1 players, but I think all of them would want only one name mentioned tonight, the name of their much loved coach -- when the Eagles came back on the field after halftime these alums formed an aisle for the players and coaches, and of course Coach Peters was the last one thru -- and when the game ended and Coach Peters, properly water dunked by his players, received the conference trophy, he was all over the field, with his players, with fans...clutching that trophy...just a perfect moment for a coach....a really great way for him to conclude his tenure

Thanks to the Chabot Glads, Laney Eagles, and most of all, to Stan Peters ---this is what JC football is all about

*Thanks to glenpark for the contribution, which first appeared on the NorCal message board.

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