Hudson Valley Blue-Chippers

The Hudson Valley CC Vikings are a regular contender for the Northeast Conference title. Their top two players going into 2002, TE Anthony Martinez and ILB Mike Miller, are likely to make the JC Top 101 list.

TE Anthony Martinez
6-6, 270
Albany, NY

A fabulous combination of size, academics, soft hands, and overall athleticism means that Anthony Martinez is near the top of our list of tight end prospects nationally going into 2002.

"He's a kid who is going to be a D1 guy. Maryland is looking at him and many others," said HVCC Head Coach Bob Jojo.

Looking at his size some observers might think that Martinez is more of a blocker than a receiver. Not so says Jojo, who pointed out that his tight end was a wideout in high school. And he's got speed, too, having run a 4.66 in HVCC's recent testing.

"Anthony is a real big kid but he's more comfortable in a two point stance. He splits out real well," explained Jojo, who plans to throw to the tight end more than in the past.

An interesting fact about Martinez is that he spent three years as an Army Ranger after high school. He got out last August and enrolled at HVCC. According to Jojo, Martinez surpassed the coaching staff's expectations given the time away from football.

Perhaps the best thing about Martinez is that he works hard in the classroom (reported 3.8) and should graduate in December.

This is one tight end with tremendous upside and four-year scouts should love that and everything else about Martinez.

ILB Mike Miller
6-2, 255
Akron, Ohio

Coming out of high school in Akron, Ohio, Mike Miller was a highly regarded strong safety prospect in a region known for its football.

"Mike is a real solid player for us. He has grown a lot (since high school)," said Jojo. "He is very athletic. Physical. He might might grow into a defensive end-type kid eventually." Coaches in the conference must have seen some of these same qualities last season, because he made second-team All-Conference.

Four-year scouts like that Miller played defensive back, which helped him become better in pass coverage. They also like that he benches 225 in the range of 26-28 times and possesses a vertical of about 30 inches.

"He's was recruited by Big 10 schools in high school and he'd love to get back to that area," said Jojo.

Miller still has a redshirt year available and should get out in May 2003.


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