James Griffin is Among Nation's Best JC Prospects

Pasadena City College is rarely short on talent and this year is no exception, with several Lancers considered the best or among the best at their positions nationally. One of the names to remember is James Griffin. "James might be playing defensive end, outside linebacker, tackle, recruiting coordinator, answer the telephones, clean up the stadium. Who knows? Because he can do anything he wants," said Pasadena City College coach, Tom Maher, of his sophomore defensive ace.

The multi-talented Griffin (6-2, 200), who plays OLB/SS, has always been very goal oriented. When he was growing up in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn. he wanted to be a football player. Not just any football player, but a good football player. He accomplished that by earning "Player of the Year" honors at East High School his senior year.

Another of his goals was to win championships wherever he played. He took care of the first step while leading his East team to the state 4A title. He had 19 blocked punts and 60 sacks as a prepster.

Last year, his first at Pasadena, he helped Maher's Lancers to the Mission Conference crown and a 10-1 record. Step number two.

"Now I'm thinking national championship," said Griffin. "I think we have the players and coaching staff to do it. We made one mistake last year, taking El Camino too lightly. That won't happen again."

Prior to joining the Lancers Griffin had found his way to Middle Tennessee State, after first signing with Alabama, and was about to play. But there was a foul up in his paper work. Ultimately he sat out the year and then, when some of his buddies were transferring to the West Coast, he decided to give it a shot.

"Seemed like most of the guys were thinking of either San Francisco (CCSF) or Pasadena. I felt like Pasadena was a program on the rise so decided to come here," said Griffin

Maher says that Griffin is one of those guys who is just always around the ball.

"He is so quick and is a great tackler. He has terrific instincts.  Forget his size. Shoot he was playing defensive end and tackle in high school and he weighed about 170 pounds," said Maher of Griffin.

Although he verbally committed to LSU back in March, he has since de-committed and is being sought after by most of the major schools in the country.

"I had a good tape," said Griffin. "After they watched for a minute or so they started making offers. All of the Pac-10 schools, most all of the SEC schools, half the Big-Ten and the Big-12 guys. I think I have over 100 letters so far. It's going to take a lot of time to decide where to go, but I'll worry about that later. Right now I'm looking for that third ring."

Griffin is not flying solo in his search for the title. Maher's PCC squad is once again solid and should be a favorite to win the league title.

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