David Buehler is Mr. Versatile

An excellent safety, who can also kick, Santa Ana (Calif.) College's David Buehler (6-2, 225) is a rare combination of a football player. "My coach said when he describes me to schools, it's as a blue-chip athlete," said Buehler.

"My goal is to do two positions at the D-I level.  I want to get my name out at as a strong safety but then kind of go somewhere to show I can kick."

Buehler has been getting serious recruiting attention from a handful of schools, and is just waiting for that first offer to come in.

"Nevada, UNLV, Utah, they're real interested.  San Diego State was at practice.  Michigan State, Northern Arizona and Oregon State," said Buehler about the other schools that are showing interest.

A class of 2005 grad, Buehler could conceivably leave before this fall, with Nevada and UNLV still expressing a possibility that he could come in.  But Buehler plans to finish his second year at Santa Ana.

"I have 51 credits and I should be graduated by next spring.  I'll probably wait till after the season, but it all depends on who offers.  I want to play another year here at safety," said Buehler.

Buehler prepped at Anaheim (Calif.) Canyon, where he played safety and did the placekicking.  Last season at Santa Ana, he handled the kickoffs but this year will be the primary field goal and PAT kicker. 

"I'm being recruited as a safety.  That I can kick is a bonus.  Coaches are calling me as a safety but then I tell them I'm a kicker," said Buehler.

This fall, Buehler will move up closer to the line, playing rover instead of his customary safety spot, and he could even play linebacker.

"I feel more comfortable there now," said Buehler.

Buehler said he would like to take some time, but acknowledged he may not necessarily wait.

"One of the things I have to think about is it all depends on who offers.  If a big Pac-10 school offers me, that would be stupid to wait," said Buehler.  "I kind of want to stay on the West Coast.  I don't want to be kicking in the freezing cold.  I'd probably want to stay on the west coast because of the weather.  My parents told me anywhere I go, they'll come to all my games.  But it would be easier for me if I stay on the West Coast."

Buehler opened a lot of eyes at the recent JCFootball.com held on May 6th.

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