2002 Northeast Football Schedule

This is the 2002 Northeast Football Conference master schedule. The season begins on August 31 and ends November 9. It's worth noting that Lackawanna has left the conference and become an independent. They're still on most NFC team schedules, however.

Dean has the tough task of playing away games versus HVCC, Nassau, Lackawanna, and Erie.

Morrisville opens against Erie at home and then travels to Nassau, which makes for a tough couple of weekends. Morrisville will be looking real tough if they win those first two although a final game at home versus Montgomery will be no cake walk.

Erie CC, which is entering its second season, is a team to watch according to most coaches in the conference. Their location is prime for recruiting and the coaching staff is doing a fine job. They get the travel award of the conference thanks to a game at Grand Rapids (Michigan).

H = Home
A = Away

Alfred State College

8/31 Niagara   H

9/7 Canton   A

9/14 Williamson Trade   A

9/23 Brockport JV  H

9/28 Erie CC   A

10/5 Morrisville   H

10/12 Open

10/19 Hudson Valley   H

10/26 Canton   H

11/2 Lackawanna   H

11/9 Dean College   A


SUNY Canton

8/31 Open

9/7 Alfred State   H

9/14 Milford Academy   A

9/21 Lackawanna   H

9/28 Morrisville   A

10/5 Hudson Valley   H

10/12 Dean College   A

10/19 Erie CC   H

10/26 Alfred State   A

11/1 Cornell JV   A

11/9 Niagara   H


Dean College

8/31 Open

9/8 Yale JV   A

9/14 Navy Prep   H

9/22 Springfield JV   H

9/28 Hudson Valley   A

10/5 Nassau   A

10/12 Canton   H

10/19 Lackawanna   A

10/26 Morrisville H

11/2 Erie CC   A

11/9 Alfred State   H


Erie CC

8/31 Morrisville   A

9/7 Montgomery   A

9/14 Nassau   H

9/21 Open

9/28 Alfred State   H

10/5 Lackawanna   H

10/12 Hudson Valley   A

10/19 Canton   A

10/26 Niagara   H

11/2 Dean College   H

11/9 Grand Rapids  A


Hudson Valley CC

8/31 Open

9/7 Navy Prep   A

9/15 RPI JV   H

9/21 Morrisville   A

9/28 Dean College   H

10/5 Canton   A

10/12 Erie   H

10/19 Alfred State   A

10/26 Nassau   A

11/3 Union JV   H

11/9 Open


SUNY Morrisville

8/31 Erie CC   H

9/7 Nassau   A

9/15 Utica JV   A

9/21 Hudson Valley   H

9/28 Canton   H

10/5 Alfred State   A

10/12 Lackawanna   A

10/18 Ithaca JV   H

10/26 Dean College   A

11/2 Niagara   H

11/9 Montgomery   H


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