Faulconer's a Blue-Chipper for Fullerton

At 6-8, 325, Fullerton (Calif.) College tackle Garrett Faulconer has the size that can make it pretty difficult for a defensive end to get by.  It's also the kind of size that can wow a college football head coach.

So it's no surprise that Faulconer is getting interest from several West Coast schools and even a Big 10 program.

"I'm getting letters from Oregon, Oregon State, Michigan State, UCLA, Arizona State and Cal," said Faulconer.

After playing his prep career at Orange (Calif.) Lutheran, and finishing high school without any offers though he stood 6-7, Faulconer ventured to Fullerton College, where he felt that more work was needed to become a complete college football player.

"I ended up at a JC to get more mention, but also to work on my technique.  I didn't start until late in my senior year.  I guess you could say I was a late bloomer.  I wanted to get a feel for college ball," said Faulconer.

Playing at a prominent program like Orange Lutheran allowed Faulconer to take some already solid knowledge of the game and translate that into an effective game and approach.

"After going to Orange Lutheran, it really helped me a lot with the whole process and working on my technique and footwork," said Faulconer.

Now colleges are finding that Faulconer is hard to ignore and several colleges have been by the campus to size him up.  He plays both left and right tackle and said he has no preference for which side of the line to play. 

"I'm an ambidextrous tackle.  I can play both right and left," said Faulconer.

A California native in every sense of the word, Faulconer is hoping that he can stay in the Golden State.

"I'm interested in Cal and I was stoked when I got a letter from UCLA.  I'm looking to stay in California.  I'd love to be in a California school.  I was born and raised a California guy.  But if I don't get an offer from here, I'd take it somewhere else," said Faulconer.

Faulconer is still waiting for his first offer.  "Mostly I'm hearing that they want to watch me more before they offer."

He will be done with his A.A. in December and he hopes to sign someplace and be on campus in the winter, then participate in Spring Ball.  Faulconer will have three years to play two.


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