Lucky #7 (offers) for EAC's Mack

After taking three seasons off from football following his 2002 graduation from Thatcher (Ariz.) High, offensive tackle Levi Mack (6-5, 315) returned to the gridiron in 2005 at Eastern Arizona College.

Starting out on the defensive line, Mack moved to offense, which is looking like a smarter move by the day.

"I've got seven schools who've offered: Utah State, BYU, Arizona State, Michigan State, Colorado State, Iowa State and Texas Tech," said Mack.  "I graduate in December, so I can go wherever in January."

Mack said his top five schools were BYU, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Oregon State and Texas.

Following his senior season in high school, when colleges came to make their pitch to Mack, he politely turned them away, with more important things to do at the time.

"I had some people looking at me, but I wanted to serve a mission for my church.  I already had my mind set on that," said Mack.  "I was in Russia from 2002 until 2004."

But his love for football was still there, so upon his return, he landed at Eastern Arizona.

So he spent the 2005 season moving lines and now its paying off as he has the chance to play major college football as early as 2007.

"I'll have three years to play two," said Mack.  "This week, I'm going to BYU and then next week I'm going to Texas Tech.  I want to take the other three trips before I decide.  I want to decide in July, but it depends on the school and what trips I go on."

Mack said there was a small hint of pressure to attend BYU, but not as big as one might expect.

"There kind of is, but not too much.  I'm LDS and to go to BYU where the members are at, there is always that little niche.  Everyone, though, is real supportive of me.  They give their bits, saying this would be good, but they're basically leaving it up to me," said Mack.

Mack wants to get the decision over with as soon as possible, so he can focus on his final year at Eastern Arizona.

"I don't want to have anything that I worry about," said Mack.  "I just want to have the best season."


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