Bashford Brings Versatility to Table

After sitting out the 2004 season to redshirt, Fullerton (Calif.) College offensive tackle J.T. Bashford (6-5, 285) returned to the game in 2005. "I had no looks coming out of high school, so I went the JC route."

"I redshirted my first year, and went to school part time, so 2005 was my first season back," said Bashford.

Bashford's chosen route has turned out to be a benefit for him, as several D-I schools have been keeping a close eye on him, and with a big 2006 season, Bashford could be off to bigger and better things come the spring.

"Oregon State and Washington State are the main two schools I hear from," said Bashford.  "UNLV and Iowa State are the other ones."

Bashford played his high school career at Whittier (Calif.) High, but went relatively unnoticed despite being an anchor on the line.

"I went to a smaller high school and we weren't a very good team.  So JC football was starting over for me.  Now I'm wanting to get to a school.  I want to play as far as I can go," said Bashford.

Because he wasn't a fulltime enrollee in 2004, Bashford will have three years to play two following his sophomore season at Fullerton.

Bashford is flexible on his position in college, provided he remains on the offensive line.

"I'm an offensive tackle but I could play guard," said Bashford.  "I prefer tackle but I'm not going to be picky."

He's also not picky when it comes to the location of college.

"It really doesn't matter, I'll go far or stay close.  I would probably look at the California schools first if they offered.  I would weight my options and see what out of state schools were offering.  My mom would like me to stay close to home," Bashford said.

Bashford is hoping to make a decision sooner rather than later.

"I'd like to make a quick decision, but I'll take trips.  I don't like having things up in the air.  I want to know where I'm going," said Bashford.


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