Exploring the Wildlife with Joe Blaes

Call a trap or counter and the eyes of Joe Blaes light up like the proverbial deer in the headlights. When you're a 6-2, 290 pound offensive guard for Coffeyville Community College, Kans., who can bench 325 and squat 600, it's fun to use your size and power.

But on a pull play, you also get to use your speed. "This summer I was timed at 5.0 in the 40," Blaes said. "I think my speed and footwork are my biggest assets."

Pretty fast time for a pretty big guy.

Blaes played for Cherryvale High School in Kansas and grew up just 20 miles from the Coffeyville campus. His hero is his dad who took him hunting regularly and comes to all his games. Now instead of hunting fowl, Blaes is hunting for people to block.

He considered his options out of high school. Several DII schools piqued his interest, but he chose the JC route because he wanted to get his grades up. And he has.

"My GPA is over 3.0," he said. "My study habits have definitely improved." 

After he graduates from Coffeyville in December, he'd like to play at the next level where he'll have 3 years to play 2. If possible, he'd like to stay close to home. "I'm used to having my family at every game."

Although he has received recruiting attention from Tulsa, Utah State, and Central Michigan, Blaes said his first choice is Oklahoma State. As for academics, he'll be looking for a program that features his major: wildlife biology.

All those hunting trips with dad must have paid off!  


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