Double-Digit Sacks Last Year For Dorch

Nick Dorch, who was recently named 2nd Team Pre-Season NJCAA All-American,  is confident he'll attend a Division 1A school after graduating with an AA degree. Several schools have already shown a serious interest.

The 6-3, 240-pound defensive end is preparing for his second and final year at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois, after coming off a stellar rookie season that saw the Florida native rack up 46 tackles, 11 sacks and 20 tackles for loss for the Golden Eagles in 2005.

After a successful rookie season, he has instilled confidence in Rock Valley Head Coach Jeremy Warren who now looks to Dorch as a leader on the defensive unit.

The speedy defender, who feels he is ready to move up to Division I level competition, admits is best attributes, on top of strength and quickness, is his ability to read the play.

"I've always been proud of my mental ability to be ready for the play out there," says Dorch.

The twenty-year-old Dorch was born and raised in Delray, Florida and enjoyed a successful varsity career while at Atlantic Community High School, starring in basketball as well as football which was surprisingly kept on the back burner until his final year.

"I didn't even play varsity football until my senior year at Atlantic," says Dorch. "I was actually more serious about basketball when I started there. But playing football came just as natural and now it's my first love."

Dorch, who plans to graduate with an AA Degree in Criminal Justice from Rock Valley in May 2007, currently carries a 2.5 GPA and plans to continue his studies in that field where ever he settles next fall.

Though not a qualifier upon graduating from high school back in Florida, Dorch has had significant interest from a fairly long list of Division 1 schools including Southern Miss, Iowa State, the University of Kansas and Louisville to name a few.

Though nothing is confirm at this point, Dorch is quick to admit, he would be more than happy with any one of those options come September.

"First and for most, my education is most important to me, but I do want to continue football and hopefully go to a school where  I'm going to get a fair bit of playing time as well," Dorch said.


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