Sylvester Hatten Arrives On JC Scene

It was the advice of a close friend that has brought 6-4, 325-pound offensive tackle Sylvester Hatten to Dodge City Community College where he'll begin the 2006 Football season. Hatten spent two challenging years with Alabama State after graduating from high school.

Now the 20-year-old Quincy, Florida native is working out with the Conqs in Dodge City, Kansas.

In 11 games with Alabama State, Hatten was a contributing factor at Offensive Tackle, posting 42 knockdowns along with giving up only 2 sacks. However, toward the end of the 2005 season, pressures from school and football were beginning to mount and it was time for Hatten to begin looking for an alternative before it got too far away from him.

" I was at a point where I did need a change," says Hatten. " Unfortunately, I was having problems with school, and before it got out of hand it was time to leave."

Hatten decided to make the move when a close friend from back in Quincy, already at attending DCCC and playing football for the Conqs, sold Hatten on the idea of leaving Alabama State to play football and continue his studies at Dodge City.

Hatten is as serious about his education as he is about his football.  Pursuing a career in Criminal Justice, Hatten carries a 2.4 GPA and will continue to work toward his AA Degree at Dodge City with plans to graduate in December 2006.

With two years of NCAA Division eligibility still remaining after the '06 season at DCCC, Hatten will still carry value. Don't believe it? Hatten is being recruiting from a rather distinguished list of schools that include the University of Florida, Florida State, the University of Arkansas and Old miss to name a few.

With no immediate plans or solid scholarship offers in hand, Hatten is confident he can lure something by the time he graduates.

"I guess if I had the choice, I would really like to go to a school back in Florida for obvious reasons, being closer to home," says Hatten adding "But I'll be happy with any Division 1 opportunity that comes my way."

Hatten feels he has matured since his varsity days back home in Quincy where he excelled in both basketball and football East Gadsden High School. Constantly working hard to improve grades, after 4 years at East Gadsden, he earned numerous awards in varsity athletics including being named to the All-County Team, as well as the Big Ben Football Team for the Tallahassee, Florida area.

Hatten prides himself on his blocking and pass protection abilities as well as his mentality for the game and hopes to be a an instant contribution for Dodge City Head Coach Marcus Garstecki and his Conqs offense this coming fall.


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