One Word for PRCC: L-O-A-D-E-D

Only a very small handful of the nation's junior college football programs have as much talent Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, Mississippi. They are absolutely loaded with D-1 and 1AA talent this year. was able to speak with defensive coordinator William Jones about some players on his roster that he expects to be difference-makers this fall.

"We've had the last three NJCAA players of the year and that doesn't even include Larry Brackens who went straight to the NFL last year and was a fifth round draft choice in Tampa Bay," Jones said.  "We've been blessed and we just recruit and continue to get some good players.  We get most of our guys from Mississippi and some other great out-of-state players."

Jones mentioned several players that either already have D-1 offers or ones that with a solid season this fall, could see some coming there way.

Larry Freeman, WR, 6-3, 220

Larry's a big athletic type of a receiver that a lot of people are looking for at major colleges and in the NFL.  He's a legit 6-3, 220 pounds.  Physically he kind of reminds you of Terrell Owens because he's a big athletic guy running crossing routes and option routes and he's got good ball skills. 

He's not a 4.4 guy, but he's a high 4.5-guy, low 4.6-guy.

He's real good at running routes.  When he gets his hand on you, at 220, he's so strong and explosive and he's got a mean streak when it comes to running over people he's got a mentality that he's going to take it to people.

He's also a December graduate so lots of teams are after him.

2005 Stats: 47 receptions, 800 yds, 7 touchdowns (9 games)

Offers: All of the SEC and ACC schools along with South Florida and Central Florida
Interest from:  Entire SEC, ACC and Big 12

Demetrius Byrd, WR, 6-2, 195

Demetrius is more of the vertical guy.  He's 6-2, 200 pounds and he's a sub-10.5 100 meters.  He's a sub-4.4 forty guy.  He's legitimately fast.  He's our vertical and speed guy.

He's got great ball skills, he's improved his blocking and he's a guy that everybody wants.  He's a guy that, you can be on the one-yard line, and you throw him a vertical pass or a take-off route and nobody will catch him.  He's blazingly fast.  Basically a Santana Moss clone, but in a bigger body.

He only played one year of high school football at Miami Central.  He led the city and county in receiving.  He had something like 1100 yards on 41 catches for 15 touchdowns versus 6A competition and that's as good of football as there is anywhere in the country. 

He's not a track guy playing football.  He's a football player that can run track.

Byrd's a spring or summer graduate.

2005 Stats: 40 receptions, 703 yds, 7 touchdowns (9 games)

Offers:  Tennessee, Arkansas, LSU, Florida State
Interest from:  Entire SEC and ACC

Brian Coulter, DE, 6-5, 255

He's getting the most attention.  Everybody in the SEC has offered him.  Texas is after him.  Florida State has offered.  He's 6-4.5, 255 and he can play linebacker.  He's a unique player and his athleticism is just very unique.  He's one of the most intense players I've ever seen and he played that way when he got here.  He can run and pursue and hit with the best of them, but he can also drop back into coverage and do well there too.  He'll remind people of a Jason Taylor, Julian Peterson or a Willie McGinest. 

He's what everybody wants, kinda like my boy "lights out" down in San Diego (Shawne Merriman) with the Chargers as in a guy who can rush the passer, stop the run and can drop back into coverage.  He can do it all and he gives teams the ability to play a 3-4 or a 4-3.  He can stand up or put his hand on the ground.

Had 8 or 9 sacks and led team in tackles for loss.  He will cause everyone around him to be better because of what he forces offenses to do to deal with him. 

Offers: Florida State and entire SEC
Interest from:  Texas and entire ACC

Gene Anderson, CB, 6-1, 200

Gene is probably the most complete defensive back we've ever had.  He's 6-1.5, 208.  He can play corner or safety and probably is as talented as Larry Kendrick and Lavance Richmond who led the nation in interceptions two consecutive years.  Kendrick had 11 and was the NJCAA player of the year and Richmond had 13 and was 1st team JC All-American.  This guy is equally as talented because he's physical, has great range and can read the quarterback well, but what he can do that those other two guys couldn't is he can play corner.  He can play cover-two corner in support or you can stick him up close to the line in run support.  I think he's an NFL guy.

We've never had one like him who can do everything well.

He's from Columbia, Mississippi and was quarterback Jimmy Oliver's (All-American in '05) backup at quarterback at East Marion. 

Offers: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, South Carolina
Interest from: Entire SEC, Big 12 and ACC

Ken Evans, OL, 6-6, 315

Ken was an SEC-recruited kid who tore his knee up his junior and senior year in high school and it was the same knee.  He had a cadaver put in it and started every game for us last year.   He's big and athletic and smart (30 ACT).  Played every snap last year and is expected to play every snap this year. 

Right now he's hearing from the Sun Belt, Conference USA and you could also see some west coast teams get involved.  The Pac 10 coaches know that our kids don't mind traveling. 

Ken is a mid-term (December) graduate.

Offers:  None at this time
Interest from: Entire Sun Belt and C-USA

Julius Gray, OL, 6-4, 325

Julius Gray is a very talented kid who visited West Virginia in the last week two years ago and really thought he was going to go there.  He's a very big and talented player.  Probably would have played more last year, he started a couple games, but because he was waiting to see if he could qualify he missed our whole summer program and working out and getting in great shape.  He's running now and in good shape and I know Arkansas is really interested in him.  I don't know if he'll be an SEC guy, but Memphis really likes him, Louisiana Tech likes him a lot, so here's another guy who, if he plays well and takes care of his academics he could end up being an SEC guy.

Offers:  None at this time
Interest from: Louisiana Tech, Memphis, Arkansas

Jeff Stewart, OL, 6-3, 320

Jeff is a swing guy who can play either guard or tackle at 6-3, 315 pounds.  He can shotgun snap so he can play center, guard or tackle and he'll be a mid-term guy along with Ken Evans.

Other guys are overshadowing him a little bit.  Everybody's looking for offensive lineman though and he's tough and since he was a qualifier he'll be a mid-term guy.  Not quite as tall as the other guys. 

We call him "Donkey Lips" because he's always talking.  He got that nickname in high school and we just kept it going here. 

Offers: None at this time
Interest from: Memphis, Louisiana Tech and Southern Mississippi

Clint Whitley, OL, 6-4, 290

He's a guy who started every game at center last year.  Had a 28 ACT and coming out of high school he was 260 or 265 and then last year he played at 275 for us and now he's almost 300 pounds.  Right now we've projected him to start at left guard as long as Jeffrey Stewart comes along like we think he can.  If we need him at center that would work too because he can make all the calls.

Louisiana Tech sounds like they're going to offer him and Memphis and the Conference USA teams are looking at him.  He's got a 3.8 GPA and he can play tackle too and I think the sky's the limit on him.

Offers: None at this time
Interest from:  Louisiana Tech, Memphis and entire C-USA

Seth Hayden, RB, 5-10, 195

We think he's going to have a great year.  He's a great pass-blocker and pass-catcher, and he's got that feel of all the great running backs with vision and burst.  We think he's going to have a great year.  Definitely a 1AA player and, because he's a good student, he has a chance to be a D-1 guy.

He's going to really surprise people and he's probably the most complete back we've ever had here.

Offers: None at this time
Interest from: C-USA, Sun Belt, Div. 1AA

Mike Greco, QB, 6-4, 225

He's going to be a freshman on the field, but he's only going to stay one year.  He's a guy that transferred from North Carolina State.  He's 6-4, 225 and at the NIKE combine he ran a 4.47.  He's left-handed and ran (the Wolfpack's) scout team last year and impressed the coaches and then this spring they told him he had to compete for the second spot again and he said ‘No, I'm not going to do that', so he decided to come to us.

He had four first-round defensive lineman rushing him all of last year so he knows how to deal with a good pass-rush.  He's going to have some talent and weapons around him, but he's also a guy who can hurt you with his feet.

When he transfers he'll have three to play three at the next level.  He can stay two years with us, but the deal was that we would promote him so he can be recruited again.

He did not ever tell me he won't be going back to NC State, but I think he's going to be a nationally recruited guy and he'll have his choice of places to go.

We found out about him and started recruiting him during the middle of May when we found out from some people who knew about him wanting to transfer and we just recruited him through the month of May and in June and he's enrolled in second session for us this summer and he's here now like all the others.

He'll be a spring graduate (due to NCAA rule).

Offers: None at this time
Interest from:  None at this time

Kendrick Young, DE, 6-1, 240

He was an outside linebacker in high school and we put some weight on him.  Runs 4.6 and benches over 400 pounds.  Very mean, plays hard and really a great compliment to Bryan Coulter on the other side.  Mid-term graduate.  Outstanding player for us.

Offers:  Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Lafayette
Interest from:  Memphis

Donte Spires, LB, 6-3, 230

Placement from S. Florida who is a freshman came at Christmas.  He's very fast and runs a 4.5 forty.  Certainly has a chance to play NFL and has a great attitude and work ethic and is mean as hell.  He has a chance to be as good of a player as I've ever coached.

Offers: None at this time
Interest from: South Florida, Central Florida and Louisiana Tech

Richard Roper, LB, 5-11, 225

He plays middle linebacker for us, moved in from secondary, and he runs a 4.58 forty.  Roper is a lot like (Lofa) Tatupu.  Really athletic and played safety and corner last year and we put him at middle linebacker to get more speed on the field.  Louisiana Tech wants to see his film this fall before they offer him.

Offers:  None at this time
Interest from: Louisiana Tech


In addition to the 13 players mentioned above, Jones and the Pearl River staff are very excited about their incoming class of players.

"We feel like we've had the best freshman class we've ever signed at Pearl River since we've been here," Jones noted.

On Friday night (July 21st) the North-South Mississippi All-State game was played and Pearl River had 10 players playing (2 on the North team and 8 on the South team). 


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