NEO Must Overcome Heavy Losses In '06

Second-year head coach Rob Green lost 43 players and an entire defensive coaching staff from a 9-3 NEO squad that finished 2005 as the NJCAA's No. 6 team.

One might think Green's rebuilding.  Others, like Green, prefer to say the tradition-rich Golden Norsemen are trying to build on top of their accomplishments.

"The spring went great," he said. "We are further along going into the fall preseason than we were at this time last year. It's almost a reverse situation for us this year.  We feel like we're really deep and talented with our skill people, and very thin in depth with our linemen, but help is on the way because of our tremendous recruiting class.

"When you look at the overall big scheme of things, we were able to determine the players we feel will be the nucleus of our 2006 football team," he continued. "At the junior college level, every year, that's one of the most important things for the coaching staff to get accomplished."

During SWJCFC Media Day at TVCC in Athens, Green characterized the 2006 Norse "as fast as any team I've been around."

Here's a thumbnail preview of an NEO team -- one of four middle-of-the-pack squads picked in consensus by SWJCFC Coaches to finish tied for fifth..


TEAM: Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Golden Norsemen

COLORS: Blue and Vegas Gold

HOME FIELD: Robertson Stadium

HEAD COACH: Rob Green (2nd year)

ASSISTANT COACHES: Donnie Bigby (OL); Kyle Woods (RB); Kendrick Shaver (DB)



POSITION IN STANDINGS: Four-way tie for first, but second-seeded for the playoffs

BOWL GAMES: Won The Dalton Defenders Bowl in Coffeyville, Ks., by beating Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, 21-19.


MOVING ON: Brandon Balkcom (DT, Kansas State); Antwon Moore (DB, Kansas State); Michael Pooschkee (TE, Kansas State); Justin Roland (LB, Kansas State); Jeremy Gibbs (DT, Oregon); Micah Howeth (DE, Oregon); Kevin Green (OL, Southern Illinois); Tim Johnson (DE, Oklahoma); Chris Patterson (LB, Oklahoma); Lee Tibbs (OL, Iowa State); Chris Wade (Arkansas); Josiah Luginu (DB, Evangel); Devin Anderson (DB, Kansas State); Justin Allen (QB, Southern Illinois); Craig Andrus (DB, Southeastern Oklahoma); Adrian Bradley (LB, UNLV): Jake Bridges (OL, Central Oklahoma); Justin Dore (RB, Pittsburg State); Jake Manning (OL, Pittsburg State); Bryce Nelson (OL, Central Arkansas); Victor Perez (LB, Southeastern Oklahoma); Robbie Treadwell (QB, East Central Oklahoma); Chris Williams (OL, Central Oklahoma); Reggie Young, (DT, Pittsburg State)



RETURNING: DejI Karim (5-10, 180, RB, Putnam North, Ok); Curtis Tucker (6-2, 185, WR, Cushing); Trenton Stand (SS, Quapaw, Ok); Blake Green (6-0, 255, C, Oologah); Trenton Stand (6-0, 200, SS, Quapaw, Pk); Terrance Gaston (6-4, 220, DE, Fort Gibson); Jeff McAlester (6-2, 225, LB, Tulsa Washington); Brandon Swain (6-1, 240, DE, Tulsa Washington); Rodrick Harris (6-4, 220, DE, Oklahoma City Southeast); Blake Byford (6-2, 205, R-Fr, Edmond North); Ben Birmingham (5-10, 200, RB, Luther, Ok); Gerald Jones (5-10, 175, R-Fr., RB, Pawnee); Tray Bowie (5-9, 155, R-Fr, WR, Eufaula); Daymon Dooley (6-3, 210, R-Fr., WR, Commerce, Ok); Randy Walter (5-10, 170, R-Fr, WR, Mustang); Shawn Allen (6-3, 220, R-Fr, WR, Tulsa Union); Shad Scarborough (5-10, 170, R-Fr, WR, Broken Arrow); Lewis Moreland (6-2, 175, R-FR, WR, Oklahoma City Douglass); Ben Waldron (6-3, 280, R-Fr, OL, Owasso); Jon Ide (6-0, 250, R-Fr., OL, Broken Arrow); Tristan Johnson (6-2, 270, R-Fr, OL, Midwest City); Markus Werner (6-2, 240, R-Fr, DE, Norman); Zach Casey (6-2, 280, R-Fr, DT, Jenks); Justin Curtis (6-1, 250, R-Fr, DT, Owasso); Frank Simon (6-0, 230, LB, Chickasha); Trey Stewart (6-3, 210, R-Fr, LB, Pawnee); Gerard Jones (5-10, 190, R-Fr, Pawnee); Adam Roberts (5-10, 170, CB, Oklahoma City Southeast); Adrian Adams (6-0, 190, CB, Oklahoma City Millwood); Jamel Jones (6-2, 180, CB, Tulsa Washington); Josh Morris (6-0, 175, R-Fr, Broken Bow); Gaylon Burris (6-0, 180, S, Broken Bow); Blake Vaughn (6-2, 170, R-Fr., S, Kansas, Ok); Jonathan Latimer (6-0, 180, R-Fr., S, Oklahoma City Deer Creek).

NJCAA PRE-SEASON ALL-AMERICANS: Trenton Stand (DB) -- 1st Team; Terrance Gaston (DE); Blake Green (OL); DejI Karim (RB); Curtis Tucker (WR) -- All Honorable Mentions

TOP TRANSFER: Kenneth Pointer (6-3, 315, DT, Tr-Hutchinson CC / Lawton Eisenhower)

TOP FRESHMAN RECRUITS: Kaelin Woods (6-2, 190, QB, Miami, Ok); Tanner Roberson (6-1, 180, QB, Washington, Ok); Josh Johnson (5-11, 206, RB, Ponca City); Tyonta Reed (5-11, 175, RB, Tulsa East Central); Logan Zabel (6-3, 210, RB-LB, Miami, Ok); Brenten Longhofer (6-1, 175, WR, Shattuck); Jeffrey Johnson (6-2, 182, WR, Oklahoma City); Shabray Parker (6-3, 180, WR-FS, Ponca City); Kevin Radford (6-3, 175, WR-DB, Tulsa Washington); Jonathon Brown (6-2, 260, OL, Haskell); Daniel Cook (6-1, 275, OL, Owasso); Jesse Downum (6-2, 270, OL, Muskogee); Ben Hampton (6-4, 235, OL, Grove); Brandon Love (6-2, 270, Midwest City); Cole Prestige (6-1, 260, OL, Yukon); Jaden Turner, (6-4, 265, OL, Sallisaw); John Victor (6-2, 250, OL, Afton); Carson Working (6-4, 285, OL, Blanchard); Wilson Garrison (6-2, 245, DE-TE, Hinton); Terrill Jimoh (6-1, 255, DT, Tulsa Union); Kevin Richardson (6-1, 275, DT, Oklahoma City Millwood); David Tate (6-1, 250, DT, Oklahoma City); Marcus Young (5-11, 196, LB, Stillwater); Calvin Sterling (6-0, 175, CB, Tischomingo)



August 26 -- at Dodge City  7 p.m.

September 9 -- TBA

September 16 -- Trinity Valley * 7 p.m.

September 23 -- at Ranger  7 p.m.

September 30 -- at Cisco *  7 p.m.

October 7 -- Navarro  + *  3 p.m.

October 14 -- at Blinn * 3 p.m.

October 21 -- Kilgore * 2 p.m.

October 28 -- at Tyler * 2 p.m.

+ Denotes Homecoming

* SWJCFC Games


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