CSM Safety Has One Offer, More To Come

John Harris didn't have to travel very far to play football and start his college education. The nineteen-year-old Harris is preparing to return for his second year at the College of San Mateo, which is literally a hop, a skip and jump from his hometown of Oakland, California.

"To be honest, it was a great to be able to stay fairly close to home," says Harris. "I really was looking to stay on the West Coast and be close to my family and San Mateo allows me to do that."

2005 was Harris' first season as a Safety for the San Mateo Bulldogs football team which was highlighted with four interceptions and All-Norcal Conference honors.

The 6'0", 195–pound Harris fell in love with the game of football while attending James Logan High School back near his hometown of Oakland.

He starred first on defense as a safety and middle linebacker during his junior year, eventually moving to running back for his senior year.

"I think they moved me to the offense because of my speed and strength and to be honest, I really enjoyed carrying the ball my final year," Harris admits.

He gained a reputation as a first rate football player winning the 2005 MVP award while at Logan competing in the Mission Valley League his senior year .

His play and determination on the field quickly grabbed the attention of the recruiting staff at San Mateo who offered Harris the opportunity to play for the Bulldogs and receive an education at the northern California junior college.

Harris did not have many options following his varsity career at Logan High School and was not an NCAA qualifier upon graduation.

Now at San Mateo and carrying a 3.0 GPA, Harris is still undecided as to a career or direct degree direction at this point, simply taking a general academic block of courses, but hints at possibly pursuing a career in Sports Therapy or Human Kinetics somewhere down the road.

With a planned graduation date in spring 2007, education is an important element in his future, but looks to football as possibly a means to an end, hoping a strong 2006 season with present him with Division I opportunities.

"John has a tremendous work ethic," says College of San Mateo Defensive Coordinator Tim Tulloch. " He's one of those players that gets better every day because he has a burning desire to be great."

Considered a hard working individual by many of his team mates, Harris is a team player who shows up for every practice and game. He has dedicated his life to constant self improvement program, preparing for each game in regiment style, studying game films, extra hours in the gym and mentally approaching each game like it is his last on the grid iron.

Even with a dedicated approach, he is quick to admit there are areas he'll need to improve if he wants to attract major Division I interest.

"My biggest objective right now is keep working out there, improve my game and get in the best possible shape I can be in," Harris said.

With two years of Division I eligibility upon graduation from San Mateo, Harris already has one solid D-I from San Jose State along with strong interest from a reputable list of schools that include Fresno State, Oregon State and UNLV.

For the moment however, Harris has a final season at San Mateo to concentrate on. He is sincerely is enjoying his time at San Mateo admitting the school boosts a great atmosphere for learning and sports.


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