JC Grid-Wire Notebook (9-12-06)

This week's Grid-Wire notebook includes a list of the winningest active JC coaches, coaching changes made in the offseason, and a lot more.


Records at the close of the 2005 season


1. GEORGE RUSH, SAN FRANCISCO, (268-74-0), 29 years, 75.5%
(PHOTO: Rush, on left, at 2003 title game. Picture by JCFootball.com)

2. BRENT CARDER, ANTELOPE VALLEY, (187-173-6), 36, 51.9

3. FRANK MAZZOTTA, CERRITOS, (179-109-6), 28, 62.1

4. JAMES BITTNER, MOORPARK, (175-102-2), 27, 63.2

5. JOHN FEATHERSTONE, EL CAMINO, (154-70-2), 21, 68.7

6. JOHN ANSELMO, NASSAU, NY, (127-32-0), 15 years, 79.7%

7. VAN BOSCHETTI, LOS MEDANOS, (114-121-2), 23, 48.5

8. MICHAEL WHITE, REEDLEY, (111-133-1), 25, 47.4      

9; JOE KERSTING, GLENDALE, AZ., (106-43-2), 15, 71.1

10. LLOYD DANZEISEN, MINNESOTA WEST, (104-99-1), 23, 47.4

11. HENRY WASHINGTON, L.A. SOUTHWEST, (102-128-4), 22, 44.3

12. MARSHALL  SPERBECK, FOOTHILL, (99-52-0), 14, 65.6

13. MARK DUDA, LACKAWANNA, PA., (92-37-0), 12, 72.8

14. CHUCK LYON, COLL. OF CANYONS, (84-21-0), 9 years, 80.0%

Tie CARL BEACH, CHAFFEY, (84-25-0), 10, 77.1

Tie TONY CAVIGLIA, FRESNO, (84-25-0), 10, 77.1

17. JOHN CICUTO, GLENDALE, (82-82-2), 17, 50.0

Tie: TONY LEWIS, MERCED, (82-94-1), 17 years, 46.6%

19. LARRY OWENS, SAN MATEO, (80-69-2), 14, 53.7

20. STEVE COX, CABRILLO, (79-74-0), 16, 51.6

21. JEFF LEIKER, COFFEYFILLE, KS, (77-26-0), 10 years, 74.8%

22. KEVIN TWAIT, IOWA CENTRAL, (75-31-0), 10, 70.7

23. JAY MILLER, ITAWAMBA/MISS. DELTA, (70-49-0), 13, 58.9

24. KEITH SIMONS, SANTA ROSA, (69-38-0), 10, 64.5

25. GENE MURPHY, FULLERTON, (68-67- 2), 13, 50.4

Tie ROBERT TAYLOR, SANTA MONICA, (68-63-1), 12 years, 52.3%

27. CHUCK LAWRENCE, NAVARRO, TX., (67-79-0) , 14, 47.2

28. TROY MORRELL, BUTLER, KS., (62-9-0), 6, 87.3

29. BERT WILLIAMS, GEORGIA MILITARY, (50-14-0), 6, 78.1

30. JEFF LINDER, MINNESOTA WEST, (50-42-0), 10 years, 54.3%

RETIREMENTS AND ADVANCEMENTS have taken an amazing eight coaches who were in the 100-Plus win club and a couple more who were on this list last year.  Ken Swearingen, who came back to coach at COLLEGE OF THE DESERT for a couple of years as a favor to a friend, retires again with 268 wins, 96 losses in a 35-year span, the most wins ALL-TIME by a JC coach.

John Eliasik, who held down the number-two spot at HARPER, hung'em up with a 249-118-3 record, also in 35 years.  JOLIET head man, Bob Macdougall, retired with a mark of 223-87-4, built in 29 seasons. Greg Croshaw saw his DIXIE STATE school go to 4-year status and then was let go after coaching there for 24 years and going 214-57-1, a very flossy 78.9 record. That's four of the top five guys on the list stepping down. Stan Peters won 178 and lost 187 over 32 long seasons at LANEY.

Dave Jordan remains as coach emeritus at GROSSMONT with a 148-90-9 slate fashioned in 23 years as son Mike takes over the reins.  BUTTE's Craig Rigsbee retired boasting a nifty 137-33-2 mark in 16 years.  Marty Allen coaches for 25 seasons at HIGHLAND before departing with 111 hard-earned victories and 128 losses.  Parker Dykes left JONES for 4-year coaching with a 92-50-1 slate in 14 years. John Vraa stepped down at RIDGEWATER with a 68-47 tab.

COACHING CHANGES …  Jeff Jordan for Craig Rigsbee at BUTTE;  Dean Dowdy at COLLEGE OF DESERT replacing Ken Swearingen; Nick Mitchell is the new guy at GOLDEN WEST, for Alex Gerke;  Mike Jordan replaces his dad Dave at GROSSMONT; Jay Uchiumi takes over for Stan Peters at LANEY; Kevin Moore for David Banuelos at L.A. PIERCE;  Kenny Lawler left assistant job at Mt. San Antonio to take over for Dennis Gossard at PASADENA; Matt Kofler returns to SAN DIEGO MESA where he starred as a QB to replace Martin Moss;  Ed Eaton for Jeff Tisdel at SIERRA; Mike Pompa steps down for the second time at SOUTHWESTERN with Jan Chapman taking over;  Gary Anglin at VENTURA for Terry Morris; Craig Austin for Darryl Holmes at WEST L.A. Chris Augusto is in at MARIN for Karl Finley.

Steve Coburn replaces Titan Trimble at SNOW; Doug Madoski for Ken Giovando at SCOTTSDALE; Keith Majors for Marty Allen at HIGHLAND; the new guy at FORT SCOTT is ex-Coffeyville assistant Rion Rhoades for Brian Vaganek;  Parker Dykes gives way for Eddie Pierce at JONES;  Dragan Teonic takes over for John Eliasik at HARPER; Fred Fimbres, former Desert coach, is the new head man at DUPAGE;  Steve King for Tom Martin at ITASCA; Rob Baumbarn for John Vraa at RIDGEWATER.

A FEW NOTES:  A few coaches, fairly new on the scene, have carved some impressive W-L marks.  Tim Hatten at PEARL RIVER is 38-5 in four seasons, Jeff Chudy, BAKERSFIELD, shows a 27-8 log in three campaigns and Jim Schulte at GRAND RAPIDS has toiled three years for a 24-8 record.  RUMOR has it that CALIFORNIA Coaches Association is going to set up a "super" conference in Southern California.  That would be fine as long as rivalries are left untouched.  A good example would be the SANTA ANA-FULLERTON clash Sat. night in the oldest rivalry in the nation's JC ranks.  The Dons and Hornets have been going at it since 1916, a game that ended in a scoreless deadlock.  Minus a couple of years off during WWII, they have met 83 times and the tally is 40-39-4 in favor of Fullerton.  A full house is expected at Fullerton High School.  The two schools have tangled 61 consecutive years starting in 1945, a record that is exceeded only by the Southern Section of the Mississippi Conf. which resumed action in 1944.


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