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This week's notebook features our lists of the all-time best JC players prior to 1980. There's a team representing the NJCAA and a team representing California. How about Warren Moon quarterbacking the west and Roger Staubach the east? Plus other notes...


ALL-TIME BEST JC PLAYERS FROM CALIFORNIA PRIOR TO 1980:  this list is compiled by the editor and reader Ron Seigel with some help I suspect from Gary Wright, VP communications with Seattle Seahawks, a longtime JC friend who sees to it that the J.C. GRID-WIRE ALL-AMERICAN kids receive a nice certificate commemorating their achievement.


QB   Warren Moon, WEST L.A. 1974
RB   Hugh McElhenny, COMPTON, 1948
RB   O.J. Simpson, SAN FRANCSCO  65-66
RB   Jackie Robinson, PASADENA  1937-38
WR  Haven Moses, L.A. HARBOR, 64-65
WR  Larry Battle, REEDLEY, 1970
TE   Jim O'Bradovich, EL CAMINO, 71-72   
OL  Hardiman Cureton, L.A. VALLEY, 51-52
OL  Ron Yary, CERRITOS, 1965                               
OL  Charlie Ane, COMPTON, 49-50
OL  Booker Brown, SANTA BARBARA  70-71
OL  Max Montoya, MT. SAN ANTONIO 1974
KR  Ollie Matson, SAN FRANCISCO, 1948
PK  Ray Wersching, CERRITOS, 69-70


DL  Fred Dryer,  EL CAMINO, 65-66
DL  Gino Marchetti,  MODESTO,  1948
DL  Lyle Setenich, SEQUOIAS, 63-65
DL  Mike Giers, LONG BEACH, 60-61
LB  Rod Martin, L.A. CITY COLLEGE, 73-74
LB  Don Shinnick, L.A. VALLEY, 1953
LB  MacArthur Lane, MERRITT, 1964
LB  Dick Litzinger, SANTA ANA, 1966
DB  Jimmy Johnson, SANTA MONICA, 1957
DB  Nate Wright, MONTEREY PENINSULA, 65-66
DB  Louis Wright, BAKERSFIELD, 1964
DB  Rod Perry, FRESNO 71-72
DB  Willie Buchanan, MIRA COSTA, 68-69
P   Frank Corral, RIVERSIDE, 1975
AP Tony Accomando, ORANGE COAST

As everyone knows, there is no exact science in picking a team like this.  The criteria was sort of a combination of what they did during their tenure on a JC team and what they did afterwards.  Pretty hard to leave off DBs like Craig Zaltosky, ORANGE COAST, 1970 vintage, who had a ton of interceptions, or Willie Wood, COALINGA 1956, who played a mean DB as well as QB and then starred at USC and Green Bay.  Or, Kermit Alexander, L.A. CITY COLLEGE, or Frank Gifford, BAKERSFIELD, a true all-around talent, however, the above group isn't too shabby.

BEST NJCAA PLAYERS PRIOR TO 1980 as judged by J.C. Grid-Wire staff:


QB  Roger Staubach, NEW MEXICO MILITARY, 1960
RB  Clyarde Russell, GARDEN CITY, 71-72
RB  Ron Springs, COFFEYVILLE, 1975
RB  Tommy Reamon, FORT SCOTT, 70-71
WR Margene Adkins, HENDERSON COUNTY, 65-66
WR Lonnie Crittenden, HUTCHINSON, 1970
TE  Charlie Johnson, TYLER, 1974
OL  Burkley Harkless, WHARTON, 63-64
OL  David Earl Johnson, PEARL RIVER, 1969
OL  Lew Kamanu, WENATCHEE VALLEY, 1965
OL  Randall Cassady, MARION INSTITUTE, 1957
OL  Owen Dejanovich, THORNTON, 59-60
KR  Larry Heater, DIXIE, 1977
PK  Al Vitiello, NASSAU, 1969


DL  Dave Wilcox, BOISE, 60-61
DL  Cliff Frazier, FORT SCOTT, 72-73
DL  Charley Weaver, ARIZONA WESTERN, 67-78
DL  Margaritto Guerrero, HENDERSON COUNTY, 64-65
DL  Wally Kersten, NORMANDALE, 1979
LB  Robert Jackson, HENDERSON COUNTY, 73-74
LB  Mark Driscoll, N.E. OKLAHOMA, 1969
LB  Randy Gill, MT. HOOD, 1975
DB  Mark Streeter, NORTH IOWA, 1977
DB  Adrian Burk, KILGORE, 1946
DB  Doug Hollinger, McCOOK, 1963
DB  Willie Flowers, ARIZONA WESTERN 1977
P    Bucky Scribner, PRATT, 1978
AP  Rich Upchurch, INDIAN HILLS, 1972


COFFEYVILLE's Nate Guillory with 259 yards on 27 carries vs Hutchinson, is just one of 4 JC RBs who have exceeded 200 yards this season.  EAST MISSISSIPPI's LeGarrett Blount, lugged the ball 40 times for 273 yards and 3 scores vs. N.E. Miss.  Larry Warner, GULF COAST, 26-266 and Marcus Grigsby, SACRAMENTO, 213 vs. Delta.  Guillory has done it 3 times. N.W. MISSISSIPPI defeated Coahoma 23-6 despite ringing up a zero under the passing stats.  The Rangers countered by holding the Tigers to minus 12 rushing.  NASSAU started playing football in 1968 and has never had a losing or a .500 season.

Seldom do you see four players register over 100 yards receiving a game and each score at least once.  SANTA ROSA turned the trick in the double OT win vs. BUTTE 49-42.  Mark Gray threw for 293 yards on 18 of 34 with 5 TDs and Greg Alexander had 8-19-161-1 stats.  The receivers were Frosh Aubrey Quarles, 6-1, 185, 6 for 101 and 2 tallies, including the game winning 13-yarder; D.J. Sexton, 5-11, 185, 6 for 106 and 2;  Aaron Woods, 5-8, 185, 6 for 108-1 and ran a kick back 90 for another score; Frosh RB Marty Ponzo, 5-9, 180, 7 for 123 and a score.


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