Saddleback's Shootout Win Keeps 'Em #1

Saddleback captured the first round of the Southern California JC playoffs, holding off red-hot Palomar 30-28, and retained first place in the weekly J.C. Grid-Wire rankings.

A seldom used defensive lineman, Kenneth Bragg, may have made a game-saving tackle on a 2-point PAT attempt after Palomar had driven nearly 90 yards to come close to knotting the score. Blinn, sporting a similar 11-0 mark, won't play until Dec. 9 when they face Pearl River for the NJCAA title. Saddleback hosts El Camino Sat. night at 5 p.m., in a rematch of their 42-37 clash of two weeks ago. The winner will face the victor in the Grossmont-Bakersfield contest for the Southern California JC crown. The SoCal champ will travel to Fresno, Dec. 9, to battle the survivor of the Fresno-San Francisco game for the state title.



1. SADDLEBACK (11-0) Last: 1 Weekend: 30-28 over Palomar Next: Playoffs, Host El Camino, 2nd round

2. BLINN (11-0) Last: 2 Weekend: Did not play Next: Pearl River, NJCAA title/bowl game

3. FOOTHILL (10-1) Last: 3 Weekend: 24-0 over Sierra

4. SANTA ROSA (10-1) Last: 4 Weekend: 21-20 over Reedley

5. C.C. SAN FRANCISCO (9-1) Last: 5 Weekend: Did not play Next: Fresno, NorCal title/bowl game

6. SNOW (10-1) Last: 6 Weekend: Did not play Next: Coffeyville, bowl game

7. PEARL RIVER (10-1) Last: 7 Weekend: Did not play Next: Blinn, NJCAA title/bowl game

8. BAKERSFIELD (10-1) Last: 8 Weekend: 36-12 vs. Citrus Next: Grossmont, 2nd round playoff game

9. GROSSMONT (10-1) Last: 10 Weekend: 49-7 vs. Victor Valley Next: Bakersfield, 2nd round playoff game

10. GLENDALE, Ariz. (9-1) Last: 9 Weekend: Did not play Next: Lackawanna, bowl game

11. BUTLER (10-1) Last: 11 Weekend: Did not play Next: Vermilion, bowl game

12. EL CAMINO (9-2) Last: 12 Weekend: 31-29 vs. Moorpark Next: Saddleback, 2nd round playoff game

13. FRESNO (9-2) Last: 14 Weekend: Did not play Next: San Francisco, NorCal title/bowl game

14. MT. SAN ANTONIO (9-2) Last: 15 Weekend: 29-10 vs. Orange Coast

15. MOORPARK (9-2) Last: 13 Weekend: Lost to El Camino 29-31

16. VERMILION (11-0) Last: 17 Weekend: Did not play Next: Butler, bowl game

17. COPIAH-LINCOLN (8-3) Last: 18 Weekend: Did not play

18. LACKAWANNA (9-0) Last: 19 Weekend: Did not play Next: Glendale, bowl game

19. NASSAU (9-1) Last: 20 Weekend: Did not play

20. GRAND RAPIDS (9-2) Last: 22 Weekend: 24-6 vs. North Iowa

21. SAN MATEO (6-4) Last: 23 Weekend: 29-22 over Sequoias

22. GLENDALE, Calif. (9-2) Last: NR Weekend: 23-14 over Santa Ana

23. LANEY (9-2) Last: NR Weekend: 34-28 over Modesto

24. IOWA CENTRAL (9-2) Last: NR Weekend: 30-19 win vs. Joliet in bowl game

25. ALLAN HANCOCK (7-3) Last: NR Weekend: Did not play


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