Ellsworth CB Chris Miller

Ellsworth (Iowa) College cornerback Chris Miller (6-0, 170), thought his football career was over after a car accident during high school.

But a couple of years later, and with a new lease on life, Miller is looking like a potential Division I player.

"I've been talking to Temple, New Mexico, Nevada. Kansas and Missouri," said Miller.   "Missouri wanted to bring my film in and wants me to come watch a game back there.  My coach said that Iowa also had called for me and wanted them to send some film.  Florida International, they just called me and want me to keep a visit open.  They're all saying that once they see the film, they'll offer."

In the meantime, Miller will just sit and wait and think about how things could have been different.

A 2004 graduate from Blue Springs (Mo.) High, Miller was on his way to school during his senior year, when the car he was in was hit by a semi-truck.

"We were just taking off to go to school and the semi hit us," said Miller.  "I injured my hip, and being a corner, I needed them to be working.   It set me back a little, but I wasn't trying to rush it.  I could have played my freshman year, but I didn't want to rush it." 

His freshman year was spent at Iowa Central, where he ended up redshirting, but he left not too long after and transferred to Ellsworth, where he has been a mainstay in the secondary this season.

"I've got 40 tackles, seven break ups and an interception," said Miller.  "I don't really get thrown on.  I've gone against five receivers in the top 25 and all they are catching is 5-yard hitches.   I had a coach come up to me and compliment me.  I had a game winning hit on a 4th and 16 against Harper.  They were going for it and scored on that play before, and they threw it to their number one receiver, but they didn't get it.  It was one of our only wins and everyone knows about that and has seen my hit."

With Ellsworth season wrapping up, Miller is hoping to take his official trips in the weeks following Thanksgiving.  He's a December graduate and would like to sign and be able to be on a college campus by January.

"I have a couple of places in mind that I want to go to.  New Mexico and Nevada because I'm trying to go somewhere warm.  Being in Iowa gave me a real change about being cold.  I want to take a visit to Missouri but I've been down there so much.  But my friend and teammate in high school told me to take me official there, Justin Brown, who plays there.

A 4.4 forty, Miller said he's fully recovered from the hip injury and he has shored up his academics, which sent him on the JC route in the first place.


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