Lorenzen: 1st Team JC Grid-Wire AA

Palomar QB Tyler Lorenzen was just named 1st Team JC Grid-Wire All-American. His season is finished and now he's focusing on recruiting and where he's going to end up for the remainder of his college career.

"Things have been really crazy lately because we're trying to get my tapes out to some different schools and see what they think," Lorenzen told JCFootball.com.  "With our season going on, I really just wanted to focus on my team and doing what I needed to do, so with that over I can really concentrate on ‘The recruiting game'."

Lorenzen finished the season by completing 69-percent of his passes for 2,960 yards, 26 touchdowns and only three interceptions.  He also rushed for 863 yards in Palomar's spread-option offense and accounted for eight touchdowns on the ground. 

"I had a really good year and we did pretty well," Lorenzen said.  "We had three must-win games at the end of our regular season in order to make the playoffs and we did that, then we had to play Saddleback which was tough.

"It was a great game between us because it was really hard-fought.  We were down a couple scores and we came back and then we were down eight with only a little bit of time left so we drove down the field and scored with 20 seconds left.  We had to go for two to tie it, but we ended up not getting it so we ended up lose.

"It was one of those games that was really fun to play in even though we lost.  We fought hard and just came up short.  It's what makes playing football so great."

Lorenzen has a tentative visit scheduled for December 1st to Connecticut, but still hadn't confirmed it with the Huskies coaching staff.

"I'm supposed to call them today and talk to them about it, so we'll see, but that's the plan right now," Lorenzen said.  "As far as other schools, Houston, Southern Mississippi and Rutgers have all got tapes sent to them so we'll have to wait and see what they think of them.  I'm confident I'll get things figured out here pretty soon."

Lorenzen doesn't have any division one offers at this point, but he does have several 1AA offers in his back pocket.

"I'm excited to figure out where I'm going to end up next semester," Lorenzen said.  "I'm sure I'll figure it out soon."

Lorenzen will have two years to play two wherever he ends up.


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