First visit on tap for Phelps

One of the better linebackers in the country is headed to Memphis this weekend on a visit and he was close to setting up another visit, but right now Bulter MLB Tom Phelps is waiting on some other offers to see what options he might have.

"I finished with 83 tackles, four tackles for loss, one sack, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery," Phelps told "I got elected to the Academic All-American team this year and was honorable mention All-American at outside linebacker this year."

Phelps helped lead Butler to a 11-1 record including a win over Vermillion in the Dalton Defenders Bowl on November 25th.

"We had a great year and our team just had a lot of fun together and that's what football is all about," Phelps said. "My buddy, Austin (Panter), just committed to Michigan up there and I couldn't be happier for him. We're really close friends so I'll be rooting for him next year. He said he had a blast up there."

Phelps has his own recruiting concerns as he heads to Memphis this weekend to check out the Tigers and their offer is still his only one from a Division-one school.

"I'm heading up there tomorrow and I'm looking forward to checking them out," Phelps said. "I had planned on double-tripping this weekend and I was going to head up to Washington State, but they called tonight and said they want to hold off on the trip so they can look at some other guys.

"I may trip out to Middle Tennessee State (offer) next weekend, but I'm not quite sure yet."

Western Kentucky has also stepped forward with an offer, but Phelps was unsure if he would take a trip there or not.

Phelps will graduate in December and would like to make his decision by the December 18th signing day, so he's focused on learning as much as he can about each school.

"I'll look at the environment, the school, the coaches and the players," Phelps said. "It's pretty much about everything for me. I want to play early, definitely, but I also want to be happy where I am, so that's important."

As far as his position at the next level, Phelps said he doesn't care where he plays, but said middle linebacker is probably where he prefers to play.

"I played outside all year this year and I was pretty good at it, but I like the middle a little better I think," Phelps said. "With my speed, I'm probably not fast enough to keep up with the backs or slot receivers, but I'm fast for an inside guy and can pursue sideline to sideline.

"The middle spot allows you to make more plays and that's what I like to do best – make plays."

Phelps will have three years to play two wherever he decides to head.

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