Dynamic playmaker still waiting for suitors

Amazingly, one of the most explosive players in the JC ranks this year hasn't garnered the type of interest from four-year schools his productivity would suggest. Mt. San Antonio WR Travis Lee hurt teams in a variety of ways this fall and now he's preparing to get his tape out to see if he can get a Division-one offer.

"I finished the year off pretty well, but I always think I can do better," Lee told JCFootball.com. "I had a little over 1,500 yards, but I was going for 2,000.

"Basically, no one would kick to me anymore so it was tough getting any yards, but that's okay because that means they feared me and I like knowing that."

Lee finished with 51 yards rushing, 714 yards receiving, 403 yards on punt returns (a 23.7 yard average) and 382 on kickoff returns (a 27.3 yard average). He also had five touchdowns receptions and took a punt back 85 yards for another score.

"I'm quick and if they don't get me after my first step, there isn't anyone out there who can catch me," Lee said confidently. "I love doing the returns and the receiving. I'm hoping that will allow me to move on to the next level."

Lee has only heard from D-2 schools at this point, but said he plans to get his tape out to some D-1 staffs in the hopes of getting their attention.

"My highlight tape is good so hopefully it impresses them," Lee said. "We're working on getting it to the right people to help me out."

He'll graduate in December and will have two years to play two wherever he ends up.

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