Top JC corner is down to three

Tough, physical corners who play an "in-your-face" style of football are coveted by programs across the country. That desciption aptly applies to El Camino CB DaMilyn Tanner (5-10, 175) who took a visit to Utah last weekend and has trips set up for the next two weekends as we draw closer to letter of intent day on February 7th.

"I had a great time at Utah," Tanner told "They have been a very successful program the past couple of year and they need another corner to come in there and play soon.

"They didn't put that much pressure on me to commit, but they did say that things are starting to close up and they might not have a place for me if I wait too much longer. They understand that I want to take my visits though."

Tanner will take two more trips, to Hawaii this weekend (1/26) and to Washington State the first weekend of February (2/2). He said he's looking for an agressive defense that will take advantage of his abilities in man-to-man coverage.

"I'm strong and jam guys at the line pretty well," Tanner said confidently. "I get pissed off when someone catches a ball on me and I like to play right up on the receiver to take the short stuff away.

"Tough and physical. That's really the only two words to describe how I play the game."

Tanner was a standout at Lakewood High School in California but didn't get a qualifying GPA so he decided to take his game to El Camino, one of the top JC programs in the Golden State.

"They have a rep here of getting guys to the next level," Tanner said. "That's a big reason why I came to ElCo. The coaching staff here is real good."

Tanner said he plans to wait on making a decision until after his Washington State visit, but knows he needs to make it pretty quickly.

"After I'm done I'll sit down with my family and my coaches to talk about things," Tanner said. "I'm anxious to get things over with, but I want to see all of my favorites before I make any decisions."

Tanner posted four interceptions, 49 tackles and seven pass-breakups in limited action this season. He missed four games with a strained right LCL (the ligament on the outside of the knee), but said he is 100-percent now that he's been able to rest it.

He will have three years to play two and plans to graduate in May. He wants to major in Sports Medicine wherever he ends up.

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