9th Annual SoCal Combine This Weekend

IT'S COMBINE TIME IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. ORANGE COAST COLLEGE AT 8:30 -- CHECK IN BEGINS. The top athletes from all the camps will be featured on our All-Combine teams, then with individual profiles on JCFootball.com. This is our 9th year on the road. How will everyone stack up? Sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods.

This year's events are being sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods. They have provided their top-of-the-line GST footballs, which we'll be using in drills throughout the day. Hopefully, we'll be able to offer QBs a chance to buy these balls at a great price afterwards.


It's simple to register.

Online Combine Registration Form

Participants should pre-register on the website or during week of the event - just sign up at the door. Cost is $25 either way.


This is the 9th year of JCFootball.com / JC Grid-Wire combines! Here are some reasons to attend:

1. If you're an unsigned sophomore looking for a home, then it's a no-brainer. Lots of schools seeking late signees will be in attendance. Some who don't attend will receive the results from JCFootball.com as well as player contact information. The only reason NOT to attend is if your grades won't allow you to graduate by the end of summer or if you're injured.

2. Freshman should attend because the combines will provide significant exposure. Our All-Combine teams highlight the top performers, by position, at each event as well as the best overall performers. Nearly every four-year school in the country that recruits JC prospects will get the All-Combine team and use it as a recruiting tool. Our writers will be in attendance and/or contacting combine participants afterwards -- May through the summer months. Prospect stories will be written and posted on JCFootball.com.

3. You will have been going up against your own teammates all winter and spring. What's better than lining up against conference opponents and seeing how you measure up? That's what you get to do this May. There will even be athletes from outside of California.

4. You'll get lots of exposure, catch the attention of four-year schools and JCFOOTBALL.COM, and have a good time.

Why wouldn't you want to attend? Don't attend if you are injured to the extent that you can't at least participate in most of the testing or the one-on-ones.


To attend athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • Be entering their sophomore season in the fall of 2009 OR be an unsigned sophomore who saw significant playing time in 2008.
  • Must have played JC football during the 2007 or 2008 season.
  • Must be in good academic standing & able to transfer to 4-year school by summer 2010.
  • Must be currently enrolled at a football-playing JC. If not CALL to explain circumstances. Ph. 206.331.8208
  • Freshman qualifiers seeking early transfer must be recommended by their JC coach. (call or email)

Sorry, but high school athletes are not allowed to participate. No exceptions.


The cost of participation is $25.

Pay at the door only. Cash or money order preferred. Debit cards slow things down!


UNSIGNED SOPHOMORES...Will check in at a separate table from freshman, have heights and weights taken without shoes, then go immediately to field. Unsigned sophomores will run forties and do vertical jump test. The day ends with one-on-ones (including o-line/d-line), and probably 7-on-7. The goal is to have unsigned sophomores done and gone by Noon.


1. Height and Weight
2. Group Stretch
3. Testing in the morning: 40-yard dash (hand timed), short-shuttle, vertical jump, bench press
4. Fun in the afternoon: Positions specific work, one-on-ones, and maybe 7-on-7

Goal is to finish no later than 2:30.

Participants can do all are some of the event activities. Don't want to run a forty? Then don't. Participants can also scratch results if they so desire.

Testing will be done outdoors on a FieldTurf type surface. If it rains then forties will be done on a track. Bring the appropriate footwear.

Height and Weight: We will take height and weight measurements right after you check in. Both are done with your shoes off.

Forty-yard Dash: There will be two lanes (at least) with a starter for each lane and a timer. Timers will primarily be JC coaches. Athletes get two runs -- maximum. You'll start from a 3-point stance and timers begin on first movement. The best way to get a desired result? Work on your start. Run THROUGH THE FINISH. Practice, practice, practice. Find a FieldTurf or SprintTurf surface to practice on. *We may do electronic timing. Know that an electronic time is typically .1 to .15 slower than hand-time -- BUT FOUR-YEAR COACHES KNOW THIS!

Short Shuttle: 5-10-5. Practice this one people. You can go in either direction and you must touch your hand on the end line.

Bench Press: OL, DL, FB, TE, and LB will do reps at 225. Everyone else will rep at 185. Feet on the ground, butt on the bench; full extension. Follow direction of the coach working the station please.

Vertical Jump: We conduct vertical jump testing using the JustJump system. It is a rubber pad that you stand on and jump straight up. You cannot left you heels. Jump straight up. Very quick, easy, and accurate. Many four-year schools use JustJump pads.


In the afternoons we'll run through position specific drills, one-on-ones, and probably a spirited 7-on-7 period.

  • Quarterbacks, Receivers, Tight ends, Defensive Backs: Agilities then WR/DB 1-on-1. We'll do 7-on-7 if time allows.
  • Offensive and defensive line: Agilities and bag work, obstacle course (emphasizing footwork: running ropes, bag step-overs, etc.).
  • Linebackers: Agilities and drills
  • Running backs: Agilities and drills


Very sorry but we're not testing kickers and punters this year.


Lodging is up to the participants . Food is not provided at these events. Bring something appropriate to eat!


See this map: http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/about_occ/directions.htm

Please know that there's a Swap Meet in the main parking lot by the stadium! You can't park there. Look on the map...find the baseball stadium, soccer field...there's parking near these facilities. It's a little inconvenient but you'll find parking nearby!


Watch JCFootball.com for more information about the combines.

Call me any time at 206.331.8208



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