Sierra's Carl Moore is a big target

He's big, he's physical and he's fast for a man of his dimensions and Sierra Collegge's Carl Moore (6-4, 220) is about to "blow up" this fall. He had a terrific freshman season and he's ready to take his game and his play to a new level.

"I'm real physical, but I can surprise people with how quick and fast I am too," Moore told recently. "I love the press (coverage) because I can muscle my way out of it and then it's all on me and my quarterback to get a completion and I can take it to the house."

Moore received lots of interest before his senior season at Rancho Cordova High School in Sacramento. He had schools from across the country hoping to get his signature on a letter of intent. However, he was short one science credit so he had to go the two-year route.

"Nebraska and Washington were after me the most back then," Moore said. "The whole Pac 10 pretty much was recruiting me, but then I had to tell them I wasn't going to qualify so they all pretty much stopped.

"I was planning on going to City College of San Francisco, but I decided to come up here because they moved up a division and I would be facing better competition than they had before. (Sierra) is closer to home so that worked out better anyway."

Moore had an excellent freshman campaign for Sierra posting 60 catches for 970 yards and eight touchdowns and he's working hard this offseason on improving his speed and quickness.

"I work out at Velocity every morning at 6 a.m. and then on my own at 4:30 p.m.," Moore said. "My speed and my agility have really improved a lot.

"I ran a 4.5 40 about two months ago and we haven't done one since then, but I know I'm faster. I also just did my vertical about two weeks and had a 38-inch vertical too."

Moore also boasts a 295-pound bench and said that has continued to improve as well.

"I can run past guys, but I like being physical so I need to keep getting stronger."

As far as early recruiting is concerned, it appears as if Moore will have his choice of schools to attend.

"I'm hearing from Florida, Nebraska, LSU and Oklahoma right now, but my coaches said a lot more schools have asked for film," Moore said. "We just got my highlight tape out to a lot of schools so hopefully I'll have some good choices."

Tennessee also inquired during December to see if Moore could graduate in May and if he could have the Volunteers coaching staff were prepared to offer a scholarship.

"They said they were looking for a big receiver to bring in during May, but I just couldn't get done in that time," Moore, who will graduate in December of 2007, said.

"I'm a big SEC fan because I'm just like a lot of those receivers out there. They are all 6-4 like me and they are physical. I really like their offenses out there.

"I'll be looking at location and playing time too and how I get along with the coaching staffs so I'm open to everyone right now."

Moore plans to major in phyiscal training wherever he ends up.

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