San Mateo is loaded with talent this year

College of San Mateo is one of the best JC programs in the state of California and they do a very good job of getting their players ready for the next level. This year, they have a lot of talented prospects to keep an eye on as the spring evaluation period gets underway and four-year programs are likely to be beating down CSM's door to get a good look at what those players have to offer. was able to speak with defensive coordinator Tim Tulloch about what players he has that have a good chance to move on to the next level.

WR Ed Berry He has a tremendous work-ethic. He's a combo-guy for us. He has good speed and excellent strength and quickness. His dad (Ed Berry Sr.) played in the Canadian Football League and for a while with the Green Bay Packers too, so he's got an excellent pedigree. In high school he played almost every position on his team – quarterback, running back, wide receiver, safety, linebacker, cornerback – you name it, he played it.

When he came to us, we decided to put his multiple talents on the offensive side of the ball because he could be a playmaker for us.

He will be a very highly recruited player for us.

WR Spencer Garrison When you talk about Spencer, he's our speed guy (4.38 speed) at wide receiver. He's a bit undersized and that may hurt him in moving to the next level, but he's about 5-9 or 5-10 and he's a solid 185 pounds. Whoever wants him will need to want a guy who can be a good receiver with speed.

He's also got incredible quickness. He set a record for our short shuttle (3.78) and he's just amazingly quick and fast.

He signed with Arizona State out of high school and they stuck him at cornerback. After he redshirted his freshman season, he decided to come play for us so he could be a wide receiver and he's really lit it up for us. He'll also return kicks and punts for us.

Whoever gets him will get a multi-dimensional guy. He'll have two to play two and I expect he'll be pretty highly recruited.

LB Kurt Filler His biggest asset is his speed. He plays the outside spot in our 3-4 scheme and he's very good at turning the corner and getting after the quarterback. He ran a 4.61 forty in our early testing, but I expect him to be lower than that at the end of drills. Guys always speed up after we work on their technique.

He had six or seven sacks from his outside linebacker spot and he could play in either a 3-4 scheme or a 4-3 scheme as a weakside guy. He's going to be a very good linebacker at the next level.

We love his work-ethic, actually we love all of our guys' work-ethic, and the fact that he's into the mixed martial arts and does UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) stuff on the weekends and in his spare time, that just tells you how tough he is.

LB Andre Portis Andre is a big, physical outside linebacker for us. He played at 255 last year, but we've already got him down to about 240 pounds now and he's just lean and cut. He signed with Colorado State out of high school, but he didn't qualify so he came to us and we couldn't be happier.

He's a hybrid guy. He can play outside linebacker or defensive end – it basically depends on where the team he signs with eventually wants him to play. He plays the same position as Joey Porter and Shawne Merriman play. He also plays with their style too.

LB Hanson Sekona He's one of our inside linebackers and he's just a thumper. With Kurt on one side and Andre on the other side forcing plays inside, Hanson got a lot of tackles and was physical at the point. When he hits people you feel it and you hear it. It's very violent.

He's our intimidator and he greyshirted for us so he'll have three to play two, but he'll be a year older and more developed.

DT Bernard Wolfgramm Bernard is a phenomenal athlete and player. He'll be very highly recruited for us. He can play either side at defensive end. He's 6-3, 270 and can just fly for a man his size. He really gets after it when he's on the field.

His partner on the other side (last year), Latu Moala, who will be playing at Oregon State this fall, has the same type of game as Wolfgramm.

Bernard is an excellent player and we are very lucky to have him. We're excited to see how well he can do this fall.

OL Tavita Halaholo He's a huge player for us. He's 6-5 or 6-6, 320 pounds and just a pure football player. He pulls well for a guy his size and he's got great feet. Our offensive line this year will be as good as our line from two years ago where we had all five of our guys go to D-1 programs and Tavita is the leader of our line.

OL Logo Maluia He's on the other side from Halaholo and he's just a physical and nasty lineman for us in the trenches. When we get to a point in a game and we need a good running play to gain some yards, we have to ask ourselves ‘who are we going to run behind?' and Logo or Tavita are those guys.

Both will be highly recruited.

OL Adam Stokes He plays tackle for us, but he'll be a guard at the next level. His strength is in his base-blocking and three-technique. He's a good blocker and an excellent lineman and he's got good bulk for us.

QB David Singleton He's out of Selesian High School and he's an excellent athlete. He helped lead his high school team to state championships in both football and basketball so that tells you about his leadership abilities and his toughness. He's a really good quarterback for our system.

We run a system very similar to what Texas and Florida run where we use our quarterbacks as runners at times and David is a guy who we use in that respect. I would compare him to Chris Leak in that respect.

P Brian Powers He's got a very strong foot. We have him working with a kicking coach right now and he's working on things, but he's got excellent accuracy and placement and his hang-time really is a weapon for us.

Other players to keep an eye on from College of San Mateo are: OL Jake Orth, OL Drew Ten-Bruggencate, LB John Davis and DT David Hafoka.

Check back with for more once the spring evaluation period gets underway.

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